Nov 11, 2015

A new favorite - Brazi Bites Review

Hi!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali!! May love and light fill your life this coming year. If you followed me on instagram, you saw my "from a box" wedding anniversary cake and my store bought Diwali sweets. Actually just sweet. We only got Rasmalai. I want to do so many things in the kitchen but I rarely get time other than to rustle up three quick and simple meals a day. Now that we incorporate  more store bought food in our diet, I've put in a lot of effort to find the ones with no artificial preservatives and that are really really healthy. Trader joes and Costco are my go-to stores for these finds. Today I want to talk about one such product.

Recently, I was approached by Brazi Bites, a cool new food company based out of Portland. I love to support companies from the Pacific Northwest and companies that pride themselves in putting out healthy products. And I love to support up and coming businesses. These guys are going to be on Shark Tank, ABC's show on November 20th, featuring entrepreneurs and their start ups. So obviously, they are brand new!

A natural food company that's just starting out. Sounds great but what did the goods look like? I took a look at their ingredients.

Cheese, tapioca flour, water, milk, eggs, oil. 

That's it. With these, the couple behind the company created these soft pillows of air called Brazi Bites (it's a very popular snack in South America, where the founder is from!)

There are four flavors, three of which are vegetarian and I got to try them out. You get a frozen pack of dough balls that you simple bake in a 400F oven for 15-20 minutes. 

Baking mat

What you get are these little puffy balls that are so light and amazing. They make a wonderful snack. They are gluten free and soy free and vegetarian. You could do a little peanut sauce or sriracha/mayo on the side. I wanted to but once I ate a couple, it was so addictive and light that I didn't need a sauce. My favorite is the jalapeno pepper jack. What can I say, I like my spice!

You can use these to make little sliders. You can sprinkle nuts and seeds on top.You can eat them with soup. The possibilities are endless.

Brazi Bites will be available for purchase at Costco in the freezer section by the end of this week. I hope you try them out and I hope you love them like I do.

FTC disclaimer - I was sent the products for my honest opinion and honestly, I love it! I was not compensated otherwise.