Aug 31, 2015

Recent Beauty Favorites!

A beauty post after quite a while! If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know I like no-fuss products. This has become even more imperative with a newborn at home. Here are a few products that have made my life easier and more colorful!

First up, I saw this EOS body lotion at target. How cute is the packaging!! I could not resist. I got the berry blossom for my mom and the delicate petals which is a more lavender scent for myself. This is a very lightweight body moisturizer that works for summer. Mostly I just love how it looks on my nightstand, haha.

These are not available online yet. So check out your local target store!!
Purchase at your local target store!

A friend gifted me this Aveda StressFix creme cleansing oil. This is supposed to be a body wash but it's pretty pricey. Also, I've been reading about cleansing oils, so I experimented using it as a face wash. Let me say, it is amazing!! The smell is deep and herbal. It has a real lavender scent that just smells like it's good for you! It's completely non-greasy and cleanses my face well. No breakouts either. Strongly recommend!

Aveda Stress-Fix Creme Cleansing Oil

I've also been reading about co-washing i.e. washing your hair with just a conditioner. I wash my hair twice a week. Once I use a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner but the other time, I just needed a quick way to wash. The answer is this Herbal Essences naked cleansing conditioner. It leaves my hair clean and soft. Fast, one step process!

Herbal Essences Cleansing Conditioner

The last two are color cosmetics! I've completely given up on painting my nails but I still love painting my toes. Sonia Kashuk's Violetta is a beautiful fuchsia pink. It brightens my mood on days where I spend all day in a spit-up soaked t shirt, haha.

Not online. Find it in your local target!

I went in to Sephora to get my birthday gift (Nars lip pencils which I'm yet to try). I've been seeing teal liner on a lot of youtube beauty bloggers and I really like the look. So I totally impulse-bought this Sephora wink-it liner in Blue Moon. While I love the look, I'm not the best at applying eyeliner, so it's time consuming process. Also, I like to layer this over a black eye-liner. Otherwise, the color doesn't really stand out on my tan skin tone.

Sephora Wink It Liner in Blue Moon

Hope you enjoyed this little collection of my favorite beauty items. See you next time!

Aug 27, 2015

Nursery Tour!

I got a little superstitious in pregnancy, hence the delay in sharing the baby's nursery pictures! We moved into a new home sometime in my second trimester. Before I knew if the baby was a boy or a girl, I wanted to do a gender-netural nursery with chartreuse green accents. Once I knew I was having a girl, I was suddenly obsessed with this vision of a beautiful peach, pink nursery. I had pinned a lot of inspiration nurseries but practicality and budget dictated my final design. So without further ado, let's jump in!

This baby blanket and crib skirt set was my first purchase. Both are from a discontinued line from dwell studio, so I picked them up for a big discount. I based the nursery's color scheme around them because the blanket had all the colors that I loved. A pale pink, a peach with green and gold yellow accents.

The crib is the Charlotte crib from Fisher Price. It's available in a beautiful blush, grey and pale blue colors also but I went for a soft white finish.

A rocking chair was one of my biggest head-scratchers. I tried out at least fifty of them. While I would have loved to have a huge big recliner, it was impractical in our small home. The Ikea poang caught my eye because of it's small footprint and easy portability. I absolutely love it because it's so easy to move around. The only con is that my baby loves to kick and often hits the wooden arms. I just insert pillows all around to address that problem.

Instead of a changing table that has open storage, I opted for a Ikea Hemnes chest for a changing area. I also got drawer dividers from Ikea, so I keep her diapers, hair bows, grooming things, lotion and a hundred other things in the top drawer. I strongly recommend getting a chest instead of a changing table.

A closer look at some details -

Aug 22, 2015

I'm a mom now!

Words cannot express how thrilled I am to announce that I'm the proud mom of a gorgeous daughter now! We welcomed our little munchkin in May this year, right after I wrote the last post on the blog. Motherhood has been a beautiful mosaic of happiness, gratitude, awe, fatigue and back to happiness :)

Maddie has taken her role as a big sister pretty seriously. She is always behind the baby. Loves to look at me reproachfully if I let the baby cry for more than two seconds, haha.

I'd love to share some baby related posts including my baby's lovely nursery. I'll have them up once the baby lets me :) See you all soon!