May 14, 2015

Crave/Save On A $10k Dress

As I near my due date and spend my days in clothes that could double up as tents, I've been looking online for inspiration for some post partum shopping. I came across this Delpozo dress on a website and loved how fresh and light it is.

Of course at a price tag of $10,000 , this is one of those, "derive inspiration and make your own" kind of dress. So I hunted a bit and found these beautiful separates that give the same look and feel. Together, they ring up for less than $50!!

This is what I put together.

kensie Daisy Brocade top $24.97

Asos pleated mini skirt - $15.50

The top has a delightful floral pattern in brocade. The skirt is light and airy and works perfectly with the top. I've shown a mini skirt here to make it closer to the original but personally, I would pair it with a midi skirt. Remember all those pleated skirts we got two years ago? One of those in a peachy or coral color would work perfectly here!!

I think this is a great way of building outfits. There is no need to steer clear of websites like net-a-porter. Though the clothes are super expensive, you could derive a lot of inspiration and find pieces to create a similar look! Hope you enjoyed this post!