Mar 28, 2015

Skincare Recommendations for Spring!

I wanted to share two products that I've been obsessed with recently! The first one is the solution to my hate for body lotions. I know a lot of bloggers and vloggers who LOVE their body butters and body lotions. They often talk about it as a relaxing ritual. I tried to get into it but really, I hate them. They don't absorb fast enough for me and my fingers are all sticky , so I can't play with my phone. Ugh, annoying!  That's enough reason for my lazy self to ditch moisturizing. Unfortunately, my skin does not respect my sentiments and decides to get all lizard-like and scaly, the moment the weather dries up. Enter the AMAZING Nivea in shower body lotion.

I'm on my second bottle now. I get the "very dry skin" blue bottle. It's so easy to use. Shower with your regular shower gel/ body wash. I switch to a moisturizing body wash like Olay during the winter and spring. After that, apply the lotion all over your body. I focus more on my baby bump, legs and elbows where I have the driest skin and get itchy. Rinse it off after a couple of minutes. Boom. Done! No greasy fingers. No waiting. No residue. I use it in the shower everyday, so I can tell for sure that it keeps skin moisturized at least for 24 hours.

Oh, one tip - don't apply it on the soles of your feet. It can get slippery.

This is a must buy if you are lazy about moisturizing but have skin that desperately needs it!! Strongly recommended.

The second one was sent to me by Influenster which is good because I was waiting impatiently for the product to show up in my local Target.Before this I was using Clinique's Moisture Surge. The Neutrogena Hydra Boost water gel is an amazing dupe for the Clinique. It keeps my combination oily-dry skin hydrated and moisturized, without getting greasy. No breakouts and no redness. This is great because my skin has gotten even more sensitive in pregnancy!

The gel-cream works great under makeup, so you can use it as a day time moisturizer! Don't forget to wear sunscreen though.

If you have an oily T zone and dry cheeks like me, definitely give this a try!!

FTC disclaimer - I was sent the Neutrogena hydroboost gel by Influenster. I bought the Nivea in shower lotion with my own money. All opinions stated are my own!

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