Nov 27, 2014

Big Changes!

Hello there! Happy Thanksgiving! This year has been a roller coaster of sorts but I'm thankful for every single moment because the journey brought me to a fabulous destination. I'm thrilled to announce that we are expecting a baby in May of 2015! Husband and I are overjoyed and excited and nervous as all first time parents are.

First trimester has been um, interesting. I've been throwing up almost everyday. Everything in the world is a trigger and if you blog about food, well, good luck then. I couldn't even go through pinterest or read other food blogs, lol. I'm almost 14 weeks, so I hope to get back to food and cooking soon. My husband has been so supportive and has taken over the cooking. He is such a champ. Maddie has been an even bigger champ. She is super snuggly. While she is not snuggling with me, you can find her snuggled in my pregnancy pillow. She loves that thing, lol.

There is so much stuff to buy for the baby!! So far all I've bought is a cute 3 month outfit. I'll write more about what I'm buying once I start!! Here is an outfit picture I took last week! I'm not showing a lot yet. It will be fun to dress my bump moving forward.

I've gained weight all over, so nothing really fits. It's winter anyway, so I've been wearing sweater tunics and fleece leggings everywhere I go. I will need to start buying some maternity clothes soon!

We are also moving soon to a new place!! I'm so excited to decorate the house and get it ready for the baby. It will be fun to catalog the process in this blog.

Maddie at the new house!

I have some great recipes and some fun shopping to share. I look forward to blogging about them soon!! Hope you had an amazing thanksgiving day!!