Jun 30, 2014

Dream Vanity with One King's Lane

I'm always decorating my dream home in my head (and in my pinterest!), so I was pretty excited when One King's Lane asked me to design a dream vanity mood board with one of their beautiful mirrors as the center-piece for their Reflect your Style campaign.

I like my decor to be elegant and as unfussy as possible. So it's always a challenge to keep it looking lux and colorful instead of drab and plain. Fun colorful accents are always the solution when I'm trying to brighten up a space! Pink and navy is one of my favorite color combos. They were the colors I picked for my first dance recital. And one of my wedding saris! The combination is so feminine yet grown up. The colors remind me of India and my colorful life back there.

Now, on to the vanity, I picked this beautiful mint/turquoise mirror as a centerpiece to the entire space. I added a beautiful rich, deep pink rug to offset the rustic white table and chair. To tie it all in together, I added this beautiful gold flower vase with some bright pink flowers.

I love to use the One King's Lane website for inspiration (and eye candy). You can click here to sign up if you're not a member. They also have  a great resource guide with detailed posts on interiors and decor and history of design around the world!

Just creating this mood board has inspired me to brighten up "my beauty corner"! Hope you had fun reading this post! Do you have a separate vanity? What colors would you pick for your dream vanity?

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