Jun 1, 2014

An Indian Summer Salad and Mint Lassi

Trader Joe's masala burgers are my favorite "too tired to cook and too tired to go out" frozen food! Last night, I decided to amp them up a bit and threw together a quick Indian inspired salad to serve with the burgers and some fresh cold lassi!

Ingredients -

For the salad

Butter lettuce
Half a can of drained chickpeas or cooked channa
Cilantro dressing/ Coriander chutney with a little lime juice, vinegar and olive oil
Golden Raisins
Toasted cashews
Red onion cut into slivers
Curry powder
Salt and Pepper

For the lassi

Yogurt - 1 cup
Water - as needed based on how thick you like your lassi
Dried mint leaves
Salt and pepper

Method -

Toss all the salad ingredients together in a big salad bowl. If you have the grill running for the burgers anyway, you could grill some vegetable to throw into the salad.

Grill the frozen burgers. I just used my griddler. Place in between two slices of bread, spray the bread with olive oil and grill again.

To make the lassi, blend the yogurt in with the water and rest of the lassi ingredients till nice and creamy.


It was a great, light and fresh dinner for a super hot summer night. Something you definitely need to try if you love Indian food. You will not be disappointed!

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