May 31, 2014


We are back from an amazing trip to Portland. We chose to drive from Seattle to Portland since it's such a short drive and we took Maddie with us on her first road trip!! She was a little tired after the trip but she had fun, I think!

We left Seattle on Saturday. We got a harness for Maddie, that attaches to the backseat belt to keep her from rocking and falling. The harness was still convenient enough for her to stand up, turn around and lie down.

We made a couple of stops to grab lunch and give a little time to stretch and soon we were in Portland!
We decided to go first to the International Rose Test Garden. It was a beautiful place with soooooo many types of roses. And the garden was dog-friendly. Maddie had a great time playing with other dogs while we enjoyed the garden :)

After enjoying the garden, I got some goodies from the gift shop and headed to find some food carts. Many were closed because it was pretty late in the day but we did find a few and I got some garlic naan and vegetable gravy from Portland Masala. SOOO tasty!  I also had my first taste of bubble tea!! It was fun! With all the food to go, we headed back to the hotel.

The candle smells divine!

We stayed at the Oxford Suites Jantzen Beach which is a dog-friendly hotel a few miles from the city center. The rooms were comfortable but the food was mediocre. It's not a luxury stay but since we just wanted a place to crash, we were ok with it. If you are looking for a clean, dog-friendly place to stay in Portland, definitely check this out.

The next day, we left early to check out the Saturday Market which luckily was open on a Sunday. So many beautiful and handcrafted food, crafts and art. Great place even if all you want to do is browse. I got a set of artisan fruit preserves. I've been eating the Plum-Jalapeno spread since I got it. Sweet and spicy at the same time!  We also got an "elephant ear" which is a giant big piece of fried pancake-y pastry with a topping of your choice. I got the strawberry cream cheese and it was super yum!

Around noon, we headed to see the Columbia Gorge and the scenic highway. I had never seen a place as beautiful as WA state till I went to this place. The whole highway is just so green and fresh and beautiful. Words do not do justice and neither do pictures. This is a must visit if you love natural scenic spots. We stopped at a number of waterfalls along the highway. After the jump are some pictures of this beautiful place!

Horsetail Falls

Multnomah falls

Bridal Veil Falls

On the last day, we decided to checkout the famous Voodoo doughnut which is a very famous donut shop in Portland that makes several different shapes and flavors of donuts. I stood in line for half an hour to get my hands on these, lol. It was a very touristy thing to do, but who cares :D

With a box of donuts to munch on, we headed back home. My favorites were the Portland Cream donut and the Mexican hot chocolate donut. 

Overall, i t was a great memorial day weekend and a short but sweet trip. I definitely recommend driving down with your dog, it's just too much fun! Maddie was allowed everywhere. We did have to miss Japanese Gardens and Chinese Gardens, both of which had a strict no-pet policy, so we will have to go there some other time. But she completely enjoyed herself in all the other places. 

Hope I've piqued your interest in the "rose city". Thanks for reading! Happy weekend!

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