Apr 3, 2014

March Favorites

March flew by, didn't it? How can we already be on the fourth month of this year without a teeny but of sunshine in sight? UGH. Anyway, here are some stuff that made the month of March very enjoyable!

Beauty -

I still love the MUFE Pro finish powder foundation and NARS Creamy concealer. You can read about them here. Two other things that I love are the Maybelline Color Vivids Fuchsia flash lipstick and the Maybelline Chiffon Chic nail polish. Both are pink with a blue undertone. This pink was something I shunned because I felt it was too cold but with this year's color theme being radiant orchid, my eyes have been opened to how beautiful they can look. Speaking of radiant orchid, the Maybelline Fuchsia flash is an exact dupe for the Sephora Radiant Rush Matte lipstick (which is not matte at all, lol)
The Organix Kukui oil was a random purchase in my quest for a lighter oil to use everyday after shower. I only wash my hair twice a week and the rest of the days, I don't like using a heavy oil weighing my hair down. This oil is light and easily absorbed and works perfectly in taming my frizz.

Home Decor -

I've been loving this little salt cellar I got from World Market to hold my jewelry. It's SO cute! I'm on a decor overhaul, so hopefully I'll have more favorites to share next month!

Scents and Candles  -

I've been using a new body polish from Sonia Kashuk which I've been enjoying a lot. It's heavily fragranced but I love the scent. The granules are really minute, so the scrub isn't harsh on the skin. Great product overall.

And this Lilac Blossom candle from BBW is SO beautiful!

I also LOVED the Cherry Blossom candle.

I've been using this lavender and chamomile pillow mist from BBW for the last month or so and whether it puts me to sleep or not, I find it really relaxing and light.

Fashion -

I recently got two striped button downs and I love both of them. One is the Old Navy striped white shirt and the other is the Gap striped chambray shirt. The ON shirt is SOOOO soft too.

Kitchen and Food -

Caramalized onion dip from Trader Joe's. I love this stuff. I typically refrain from snacking but recently I've been having a couple of multigrain crackers with this dip and I'm not hungry till dinner time.

Cuisinart 3.5 quart slow cooker - this is the perfect size cooker for two people plus a little leftovers. I'm making oatmeal in it every week coupled with a few weeknight meals. Great purchase.

TV -

Doctor Who

Ok. This is more of an obsession than a favorite, lol. I steer away from shows that are revamped from their 1960s versions because I'm afraid I've missed the story. BUT - Doctor Who is something you just can't avoid if you are a nerd. I finally decided to watch it to see what the fuss was about. I started with the ninth doctor and I liked the story but was meh about it. (I KNOW). And then the tenth doctor came in. Davind Tennant, OMG. He is such an amazing actor and Moffat and Russel Davies are SUCH amazing writers. There were so many fantastic episodes. I'm done with the fourth season and have said a very tearful goodbye to Ten. I'm now watching Season 5 with Matt Smith who is super cute. I'm yet to see if I will love him as much as I love DT. I cannot believe there is a show in this world that can replace Sherlock as my all time favotrite TV. Amazon prime has the show in HD if anyone is interested. You will not regret it, I promise.

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