Mar 14, 2014

Sephora and Forever 21 Haul

I've finally found THE foundation! I had a super fun day today shopping at the mall. I spent over 2 hours in Sephora, carefully testing shades and formulations. After much research, I settled on these three products and I'm very happy with them.

My goal was to get a powder foundation that doesn't make me look flat. I have very uneven skin tone. Dark around my mouth and lighter around my forehead and cheeks. Trying to find a liquid foundation to bridge the two colors is a major challenge. (Also, I'm too lazy to blend to my neck). So I decided to find a powder foundation that will blend with my skin and offer a medium coverage. Initially I went to test out the Tarte powder foundation but just like Bare Minerals, it made my face look rather flat. Then I went in to play with the shade finder machine when I spotted the Make Up Forever area. They have a great selection of colors, so I tried out the Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation. O.M.G. The powder just melts into your skin. It almost looked like I was airbrushing my face. The powder is buildable, so it didn't look cakey at all and offers great coverage. Best powder ever. Love it. Oh, I'm the shade 168 Golden Camel (that cracked me up).

Next up was the NARS creamy concealer. This is a holy grail concealer for a lot of Indian ladies, so I looked forward to trying it. The concealer isn't awesome for my blemishes but for the under eye, it's great. Blends perfectly and doesn't budge. I'm noticing a teeny bit of settling into my lines, but it could be because I put on too much. The shade match is great. I'm in the shade Caramel.

Lastly, I went in wanting to buy the Clinique Cheek Pop or the Hourglass Ambient lighting blushes. But neither looked as amazing as the Second Skin HD blush from MUFE. I'm seriously in love with this brand. I got the color 335 Fawn. It's a blush/bronzer combination kind of color on my skin. So it highlights my cheek without looking pink//orange or red. Really love it.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - Caramel
MUFE Pro Finish powder foundation - 168
MUFE HD Blush - 335 Fawn

Sorry, a bit photo heavy. Click read more to see how the products look on me.

Me, wearing all the above!
Other products that I loved but restrained myself from buying -

The Sephora + Pantone lipstick. I loved the color on my lips. I'm going to look for a drugstore dupe for this color, since it's a trendy color.

The Smashbox pencil eyeliners. I tried on Cabana which was a blue-green color. The color has not budged from its spot in the last 6 hours. How awesome is that? It still is as vibrant and pretty as when I first applied it. I have a bunch of Nyx pencil eyeliners, so I don't think I should buy anymore but if you are looking for a great pencil eyeliner, get this one.

Next I headed to Forever 21 to get some bright jewelry for spring and bought a few that I thought were understated but pretty. I'm wearing two of the pieces in the photo above. I did get them today but I wore them right out of the store because I'm a five year old at heart, lol. But aren't they lovely? I look forward to wearing the green mother-of-pearlish necklace. It's beautiful in person.

Spike necklace
Green Necklace
Coral and White Flower earrings
Drop earrings

My necklace collection is growing. I don't like Forever 21 in general but they do have some very cute jewelry.

Here is a funny picture of Maddie modeling the jewelry. She has a pouty model face going on here, lol.

That's it. It was a super fun day and I'm so excited to wear the products. Happy Pi day and hope you have a great weekend!

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