Mar 18, 2014

My Puppy is 1 Year Old!

Ok. Our puppy, lol. Maddie is a year old today. OMG. For her birthday, we got her a cute little birthday cake toy and some birthday treats. I was going to make a peanut butter cupcake (her favorite). But I only had a tablespoon or so, so I just handed it to her straight and she licked it clean. Here she is in her birthday finery.

Can I have the peanut butter PLEEEESE?

With her cake toy

Ooooh, I like that it sings!

Looking back, the past year has been one of the best years of my life. We adopted Maddie and she adopted us right back. This puppy is such a love-bug. She absolutely loves playing with her dad and snuggling with her mom. I wake up smiling every morning because she is laying on my stomach patiently waiting for me to open my eyes and the moment I do, she is bursting with energy. Licking my face and almost saying.. It's morning, let's go go go.

Aren't you happy that it's morning?

Here she is, the teeny tiny puppy that we met for the first time.

Hahahaha, daddy thinks I'm too tiny to cause any trouble. We'll see about that!

Oooh new house.

AND new toys!!

In the last year, she has taught us a lot. Like enjoying sunshine.

Mmmmmm the grass smells good!

And the outdoors..

Checking out the Kirkland waterfront.

She especially loved the snow and while I hate it, seeing her enjoy it so much made winter a little more bearable.

O.M.G. So much snow!

We worked REALLY hard to discipline her. Because who can say no to this face? 

I don't want to eat dog food :(

I don't want to go home.

I never want to take a bath again.

But she never went overboard and was happy to sit and say please if she wanted treats. 

OMG sweet potato!!!!! PLEEEEEESE!!!!

She was always up for new adventures. Like checking out Snoqualmie Falls here.

WTH is going on back there?

We celebrated our first Diwali together by gobbling up Gulab Jamuns and wearing bindis.

Can I get another gulab jamun?

Mostly though we spent a lot of time running and playing. 

And cuddling and learning to enjoy everything around us!

Well, thank God, we found each other! Happy Birthday Maddie!!

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