Feb 3, 2014

Catching up with the kitchen!

How have you been? How are you doing with your new year's resolutions? I haven't been blogging about it but I'm having fun trying out new recipes and meal planning in general. I have been pinning a number of really good recipes and instagramming them. So if you've been missing the action here, hop over there for some fun.

I tried OhMyVeggies' peanut bowl. It was SO yum.

I also tried the lime and avocado pasta that I've been seeing all over Pinterest. I didn't follow any recipe. I just mixed avocado and lime juice to taste and made a kind of pesto of it with olive oil, garlic, walnuts and dill. It was really yummy but I like super spicy stuff, so I may not be making it a lot.

I also got a new knife which I've been obsessed with. It's a pretty basic knife except that it's pink and super sharp, lol. I'm not big on pink but I love to add color to my kitchen to stand out against the sea of stainless steel, so I went ahead. You can buy it here for $12.

Do you see the lovely marble board on which it's resting? That might be my find of the year. I've been wanting to *splurge* on a marble pastry board to work roti and pizza dough. I lack a real workspace, so my solution was to put the board on the dining table and use it when I needed to knead and roll out dough. After stalking Sur la Table and Amazon for several weeks, this board popped up in the amazon warehouse section for $16. Seriously. It's brand new with no defect. The only defect being a small tear in the box it was shipped in. For $16, I will take torn packaging, thank you. In other places it retails for $50 to $100. It's the perfect size and I've already made a big batch of rotis using the board. If you don't have the chapathi stand to roll out rotis, this is a perfect alternative. Buy it here.

Lastly, I bought this pan a few months ago but I've been using it everyday, so I should write about it. I bought the Cuisinart 3 quart non stick chef's pan as a replacement for my old kadai. It's the perfect size for 2-4 people. The handles are cool touch and the pan heats food evenly. I absolutely love it and use it as a wok for my stir fried noodles and as a pan for my curries. Very versatile and total must buy. Buy it here.

I'm absolutely in love with my kitchen. I have only 4-5 pans and all of them are incredibly useful and super multi-purpose. With a small kitchen, it's imperative to keep it clutter free and this approach is working well. If you are like me and building a kitchen from scratch, what other kitchen implements have you fallen in love with and are your absolute must?

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