Jan 16, 2014

Coffee-chocolate Semifreddo and Apple Cobbler

Sorry for being a bad blogger, we moved into a new apartment and I quite underestimated how much I hate moving, lol. Anyway, back to business now. I would love to share with you my NYE ice cream and apple crumble recipe.

I've wanted to try homemade ice cream for quite a while. I read about this semifreddo and after hearing that it's smooth and silky unlike the hard texture of a regular ice cream, I was completely sold. The recipe takes patience. That's it. No special equipment required. No stand mixer or ice cream maker. It would be nice to have a hand mixer to whip the cream but I did fine without it. I have a very helpful husband ;) Now this is not one of my easy-breezy recipes. It has a few steps and requires some time commitment. But the results are absolutely worth it, I promise you!!

Coffee-chocolate semifreddo (Adapted from Laura Vitale)

Ingredients -

Eggs - Yellow only - 7
Sugar - 2/3 cup
Whipping cream - 1.5 cups
Trader Joes Mocha Cappucino mix - 1 scoop (use a different mix or instant coffee to your taste)
Walnut pieces - 2 tbsp
Vanilla extract - 2 tsp

Method -

1. Place a mixing bowl in the freezer

2. Line a loaf pan with cling wrap leaving a little bit extra on both sides

3. Beat the egg yolk and sugar till smooth and creamy. Add vanilla extract and the coffee powder and fold into the mixture till evenly distributed. It would be better if you dissolve the coffee powder separately and then add it to the mixture.

4. Place over a double boiler and cook this mixture for 8-10 minutes stirring constantly.

5. Whip the heavy cream in the chilled bowl from the freezer till you get stiff peaks. This is the hard part and it takes about 10-12 minutes.

6. Fold the whipped cream into the cooked egg-sugar mixture.

7. Place the walnuts at the bottom of the loaf pan and pour the mixture over it. Cover with the overhanging wrap and freeze for 10 hours. I used a silicone flower mold to make half the semifreddo and a mini loaf pan for the rest.

There you have it. A few steps and a 10 hour wait, you are left with a beautiful, smooth semifreddo.

Now for the easy apple cobbler. I used up all my eggs in the ice-cream, so this a simple eggless cobbler made in a cast iron skillet. I wanted something warm to go with the ice cream and this fit the bill perfectly.

Easy Apple Cobbler (No eggs)

Ingredients -

Flour - 1/2 cup
Butter  - 3 tbsp melted
Milk  - 5 tbsp
Sugar - 5 tbsp
Cinnamon - a pinch
Apples - 3 small, chopped.

Method  -

Mix all and pour into a greased baking dish or skillet and bake at 350F for 20-25 minutes.

Our dessert plate for the new year's eve -

It was a fun and super tasty start to the new year. I hope you try making these recipes and I hope you enjoy them!

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