Dec 29, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - Dec 23 - 29 2013

One of my new year resolutions is to start meal planning. Instead of starting from January 1st, I've been planning the last two weeks. It does take a bit of time to plan everything ahead but it eliminates stress through the week. Last minute unhealthy choices are avoided and buying grocery is so much more efficient.

This was my meal plan for the last week.

Breakfast is always oats/smoothies/granola, so I only plan for lunch and dinner. Last week had some inspired choices and some boring repetitions. Hoping for a healthier week over the NYE.

December 23 - Monday - 

Lunch - Roti + potato and bean curry

Dinner - Mushroom Lasagna

December 24 - Tuesday - 

Lunch - Out - Chipotle

Dinner - Quinoa Pongal

December 25 - Wednesday

Lunch - Wild Rice and Greens Salad

Dinner - Dosa and Peanut Chutney

December 26 - Thursday - 

Lunch - Grilled cheese sandwiches

Dinner - Roasted vegetable tacos

December 27 - Friday 

Lunch - Onion oothappam

Dinner - Paneer Parathas

December 28 - Saturday - 

Brunch - Out - Chinese

Dinner - TJ's frozen tamales

December 29 - Sunday - 

Brunch - Out - Subway
Dinner - Idli + Chutney

A little bonus on Christmas Day - Chocolate Peppermint muffins.

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