Dec 17, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide (for the makeup lover)

If you love beauty products or if you know someone who loves them, here are a few great gift ideas for them to enjoy.

The newest and the funnest palette in the market. This palette contains beautiful shades ranging from a soft pink to a red-black and would make a great gift for anyone who loves to play with eyeshadows. I bought this one for myself recently and I have been loving it!

Ok. Two palette suggestions? Sorry but can you blame me? This one is shaped like a chocolate bar and claims to smell like chocolate. The colors are very similar to the Naked 3, so the decision is based on if you want your face to smell like chocolate or not!

With a top coat, three special effect polishes, glitter and creme polishes, you could have fun with this set for a long long time.

This beautiful eye-liner set has six gorgeous travel-sized eyeliners in one handy set. The quality of UD eye liners is unbeatable, so this would make a perfect gift for the girl who loves to play up her eyes.

If you love the BVLGARI Omnia as much as I do, this set is perfect for you. Three beautiful, jewel inspired, travel-sized bottles with the Crystalline, Coral and Amethyste perfumes.

Hope you enjoyed the gift guides. Happy Shopping!!

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