Nov 14, 2013

Catching up on food!

I write a post and I blink and ten days have rushed past. I have been cooking a lot of old favorites, hence the lack of new recipes.

Here is what's been cookin'!

Blondie bars in the form of a cake
A strawberry cake for fruit and flower anniversary (4th)
You've seen this cake before here.

Chewy chocolate chip cookies for everyone
And the cookies here
Hot and spicy chole for those cold night (no oil!)

MIL made some delicious rava laddoos.
A very yummy and very EASY spinach lasagna

Layer wilted spinach and whole wheat lasagna with tomato vodka pasta sauce. Bake. Yum!

That's it on the food front. I will come back with a haul post. I bought a bunch of stuff last month that I would love to show you all. 

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