Oct 26, 2013

My Halloween Makeup!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend! I have a quick post to show off my halloween makeup and li'l Maddie's cute sweater. I did the half-siren, half-skull makeup. It was my first time ever wearing makeup like this and I had SO much fun doing it.

With a brains cupcake!!

Maddie's halloween shirt!
Halloween is seriously so much fun and one of the things I looked forward to the most when I moved here. I'm so excited that I was able to dress up this year. Have you guys dressed up for halloween? What did you go as?

Oct 19, 2013

OOTD and a collective haul!

Hiyas! I wore this outfit today for a little outing and I absolutely love it. Excuse the lighting but this is Seattle and I don't expect it to get any lighter. I love love the top from Target. The skirt is from The Limited. Its a size 10 and I am down to a size 6 :(. I took off the tags, so I am making it work.

Top - Target
Skirt - The Limited
Coat - Alfani via Macys (similar)
Shoes - Target
Bag - Phillip Lim for Target (sold out :( )
Tights - HM

Another outfit from a couple of weeks back!
Top - Old Navy
Pants - Gap
Necklace - J Crew via Ebay

A few weeks back, I also "fall"-ified the house with a few plum details. I never shared the pictures in the blog. So here you go.

Placemats - Target

And also got a beautiful new dinner set from Target.

Dinnerware - Scalloped Threshold Dinnerware from Target

I am saving my shopping for black friday and I really cannot come up with a lot of things to buy. I am wondering if I should invest in a KA stand mixer or a crockpot. I don't bake *that* often and I don't eat meat, so I am wondering if these are good items to buy. Please tell me if you have one and you use it well for vegetarian food.
What are you buying for black friday? I need some shopping inspiration!!

Oct 14, 2013

Skillet Enchiladas

A quickie food post for those super quick dinners. Enchiladas couldn't be simpler to make but sometimes I get too lazy even for those. Enter the skillet enchilada. Same great taste with lesser assembling.

Ingredients -

Corn tortillas - 6
Onion - sliced - 1
Enchilada sauce - 1/2 cup
Misc vegetables like beans/spinach/peas
Oil - 2 tsp

Method -

Heat a skillet and saute the onions.

Cut the tortilla into small pieces and add them to the onions and continue till cooked.

Use boiled or cooked vegetables and add them to the tortillas and onions.

Add the enchilada sauce and mix till evenly mixed.

Serve with sour cream or topped with cheese.

Easy Peasy!!

Oct 4, 2013

Crave/Save - 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel

And no I am not going to cheat by linking to the sold out Target collection. If you didn't snag one of those mini totes (I did ;) ), worry not! I have you covered.

The Pashli has become a cult favourite. Its a seriously stylish bag and for $825, it is a steal. Haha, just kidding. The bag is expensive but if you can, buy it here.

If you LOVE this bag but missed the Target collection, Zara has a great lookalike for $179. The Zara bag is real leather (and they only use leather which is a by product of the F&B industry) and has a beautiful trapezoid shape with the double zip front. That way its more of an "inspired by" option and not a complete knockoff. Buy the Zara bag here for $179.