Sep 5, 2013

Fitness update, Haul and OOTD!

You must be wondering where I disappeared. Well, the last few days have been really tough for me. I was waitlisted by my favourite university for the second year in running. I have been really struggling to deal with the fact that I now need to focus on schools away from home and the thought of leaving my husband and Maddie for two years is really depressing. I am very proud of how disciplined I am normally but the last week has been ridiculous. I have been up all night and going to bed at four and waking up at noon. (Sleep by 10.30PM fail). I have been shopping a lot and spent some cash in Target, Gap, ON and I did need to buy a few tops, so maybe that is not too bad, eh? I have been eating cereal for dinner (one vegetable a day fail). And I have not done the shred since friday. Suffice to say, the fitness challenge is not going good.

The moping has to stop right now and we need to get this show back on the road. The next interview is in a week and I never want to do anything but 100% in what I do. So I am going to gather what remaining willpower that I have and get back on the fitness challenge train. I hope those of you doing this challenge with me fared better than me, last week.

Moving on to some happier news, I weighed myself after a long time. I was so excited to see a 0 after the 6 for the first time in four years. I weigh 60.5 kgs now (around 133 lbs). My goal weight is 56kgs but that is maybe a little cray-cray since I did look kind of stick figure like when I weighed that much. So maybe I can be happy with a 58? How many months do you think that will take?

Happy thing number 2: I bought some really pretty stuff from Target and Gap. I ordered the $70 Gap legging jeans and I returned it in store yesterday. I might have kept it but when they say legging, they mean sprayed on to your body. It looked nice but my posterior was too much on display and I am not comfortable with that. So back it went. But I did end up keeping these dark olive khaki pants ($14!) and these leather ballet flats in cognac($27). (sorry about the LONG post!)

Khakis by Gap - Desert Cactus

Cognac leather ballet flats

I also ordered about $40 worth of makeup during their 30% off sale. These were some products that I was eyeing for some time and the discount was too good to pass up. I haven't received them yet but I will write a post when I do.

Lastly from Target, I got two tops ($17) , a pair of booties ($27 with cartwheel coupon) and a beautiful new candle ($7).

Cap sleeve terry knit top

Ponte knit top

Leather wrap boot

We also went to the Juanita Beach Park over the weekend. I wore shorts for the first time and I think they were very flattering. They were $7 from Old Navy. The flipflops are from Old Navy too. I got them for $4.

Striped flipflops
Shorts - 5 inch in Azure like you
I hope you had a great week. Are you guys still having problems with leaving comments? I re-installed disqus and I have been flooded with spam from blogger comments, so I have turned that off. Please let me know if I need to fix it. What did you do over the labour day weekend? What did you buy?

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