Sep 22, 2013

Drugstore Beauty Haul

A month ago, I wandered over to to find a 30% off all cosmetics deal. I had two hours to whittle down my shopping cart from 100+ items to about 20 and buy something. So if I look like I bought a ton of stuff here, give a girl some credit for restraint!

Here is some of the stuff that I bought! 

Youtube is super enthusiastic about this CoverGirl 3 in 1 foundation. The shade selection for tan skin is really bad in the regular line, so I checked out the CoverGirl Queen collection. The shade selection is so much better for darker skin tones there. I got shade 805 but its still too much yellow for my neutral undertones. It works for me with some blending. Its a primer + sunscreen + foundation. I use the Neutrogena sunblock SPF 50 if I am going out so I was only looking for a primer and foundation combo. This works as a foundation but not as a primer. It didn't keep me matte all day nor did it even out my skin, so not worth all the hype IMO.

Now THIS, is my holy grail bronzer/blush combination. Its so so so beautiful. It adds the right amount of colour without looking like I have layers of blush/bronzer on. Best.Product.Ever!

Ah, the quest for a matte shadow palette for tan skin for under $15. Its an impossible quest filled with palettes with more highlight shades than crease/lid shades. This is the Physician's formula Matte nude shadow palette in Classic Nude. When I found this, I assumed that the top two were lid and the bottom were a highlight and crease. Unfortunately, the three shades look very similar on my lid and there are no crease colours. I am still looking for a good MATTE nude shadow palette for tan skin. If you know of any, do let me know!

Another product that I am on the fence about. This is the OPI Dulce de Leche. I wanted a pretty nude colour but more pink that mink muffs. This one is a really pale pink where it is more the colour of skin than the colour of my nails but after a week on my nails, I am liking the understated pink and think it would work well even for a super formal work place.

(Sorry for the picture overload)
I liked the primer for its blurring qualities but it does not mattify or fill up lines and pores. I will report on this after a few more uses.

Ok, the Neutrogena Moisture Smooth color stick in sweet watermelon. I hate this lip crayon. I wanted something to throw into my purse for moisturising on the go without having to dip into a pot. This is a disaster. It is shimmery and not very moisturising and smells really really heavy. I love scented products so when I say its heavy, you should really think twice before getting this one!

Of course I bought more eyeliners. These are the Covergirl Queen liners in Jade and Gilt. I am really really loving olive for fall and I wanted to get one of that and one of an emerald green shade that is just so beautiful. I use them to just line my upper and lower lash line. They do not last on the waterline.

That is it for my drugstore makeup haul. If you want more detailed reviews on any of the above products, let me know and I will do a longer review. 

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