Jun 18, 2013

Shopping in Paris!

Hello, I'm back and while I work on the huge "Experience in Paris" post, I wanted to leave you guys with a smaller post on things I bought in Paris.

I had a budget of $150 for shopping in Paris and after hearing that prices of Longchamp and Chanel are lower in France, those items were the main things on my list.

I walked into Longchamp at Rue Saint-Honoré on the second day in Paris with the hubs. I was so excited to see all the bags and we spent some time examining some beautiful leather bags and then went over to the smaller, more crowded canvas bag section. My husband's face fell when he saw the canvas bags. He thought I was going to buy one of the leather bags. "Dude, thats like $800", I said and his face fell even more. I think he really hated the canvas and I didn't want to buy something he hated that much, so we walked out empty-handed.

one thing, I should mention is that we travelled through all of Paris by subway with the locals and did not take a single cab or bus tour. So we truly could appreciate how the locals got around. Well, the subway rides served a second purpose for me because, I pointed out to my hubs how every second person in Paris had a canvas Le Pliage. We saw every single color there was, in every single size available. By the next day, he was a convert and insisted that we go back and buy "the classic bag" since it was so classic and all. LOL. I agreed and we went back to Longchamp with barely enough time to run in and grab one.

There were only two sizes available in the tote with the longer handles. I wanted to be able to carry it by hand or shoulder. So I had to pass on the smaller handle models. In the long-handle, there was a size medium and a size large. The size medium was more like the older size small. It was a small handbag size and it would not have been suitable for travel. So I went for the large. Initially I wanted to go for the mustard yellow but the colour was not appealing in person. So we went for my husband's choice which was the "classic" "Natural" shade.

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote - Natural

I love the small leather panel and the rich brown of the handles against the soft shade of the bag. It would make the ideal bag for travel. It gives me a nervous breakdown that the insides don't have any compartments but its for travel, so that should be a benefit. I would have still liked a cell phone pocket though.
I paid USD 100.50 for the bag. The US price of the bag is $145. So I saved a tidy $50 by buying it in Paris.

After the trip to Longchamp, I had a little bit of time left, so I strolled over to Rue Cambon to THE Chanel Store. My mom and hubby know how much I love Chanel and encouraged me to buy a wallet there. Like I was going to buy a $1000 wallet. Worst enablers, I tell you. But that did encourage me to look around the store. I went to the beauty section meaning to buy the No.5 perfume. I tried it on and ended up hating it. After looking at the lipsticks, I decided to buy the Rouge Allure Velvet in the colour La Raffinée . Its a beautiful mauve pink which lightly darkens my natural lip colour making it suitable for work and play. I paid about USD 50 which is more expensive than in the US. Though I paid about $16 extra compared to the US price, its my souvenir from visiting Paris and the Chanel store at Rue Cambon, so I am pretty happy with the purchase.

I also bought a few smaller knick knacks. I window shopped at Cartier and Sephora. I bought a small compact mirror with an Eiffel Tower picture on it, hand creams and gifts from L'Occitane en Provence, a light up Eiffel Tower replica and some post cards from Avenue des Champs Élysées

Overall, I am happy that I got to shop in my super busy Paris trip and I love both of my purchases. I hope you enjoyed this post and I apologise for the delay in getting the posts up. Thank you for reading! And just to assuage my guilt, what is your most expensive beauty purchase and how much did you pay for it?