May 19, 2013


I have been dying to share this news with all of you. Yesterday, we brought home our little furry bundle of energy and joy! 

Her name is Madeleine (named after those shell shaped French cakes!). 

Maddie's Story! 

So about six months ago, we put in an application with a wonderful rescue group called Motley Zoo. There is nothing wrong with going the way of a very reputed, cruelty free breeder but we wanted to go the extra mile and "adopt" a puppy. After some meet and greets and several rejections, we finally got approved to adopt this little angel. I feel like we hit the adoption jackpot with her. She is pretty small (about 15 lbs) and has been with the rescue since her birth, so there are no behavioral issues. They sent her first picture at about 4 weeks. And we got to take her home yesterday at 8 weeks. 

Excuse this post if it sounds garbled. I am both deliriously happy and sleep-deprived. Our first night at home was not at all bad. She was a good girl although she did cry a bit, missing her mommy and her three brothers. She is so affectionate, loves to chew buttons and does not like rain (a girl after my own heart). We look forward to spending many very happy years with this beauty!

With her blue blankie!

Our first glimpse of her!

The best part of this has been watching my hubby fall in love with her. She is already his little princess and has him wrapped around her finger. He willingly stayed up all night (while nursing a bad cold) and cleans up after her while I was hesitating.

We are so happy and blessed to have this little one in our lives! I hope you dont mind if I share an occasional update about her on the blog. I will upload some videos of her. As you can imagine, she provides constant entertainment :)

Hope you had a weekend as wonderful as ours. Thanks for reading!