May 13, 2013

Home Updates: DIY Ikea Hack

This project is just an example of how much I obsess over the small details. We got this Ikea table when we moved in to his house. I need to keep a hundred things on my bedside table so I needed something that was big and had wheels. Who doesn't love wheels on furniture? We got the brown-black standard issue on and though it was perfectly fine , it just sat there nagging me at the back of my head. It just did not match the bed.
My first idea was to sell it and of course my husband gave me a good lecture. My second idea was to cover it in wooden planks so it looks a bit more rustic but that would increase the table's height and who am I kidding about the extent of that DIY?
So I finally settled on this idea.. Can you even guess what it is? Its wood grain printed contact paper. I got it for $4 at Fred Meyers. It was so easy to apply. We cut it into strips to resemble planks (didn't work) but went ahead and stuck them to the table neatly. I also covered the sides so it looks like a block of wood on a black base.

Flowers, box to hold lip balm and night cream and my friendly turtle who shows me the stars!

I absolutely love the effect and might do the same to the coffee table as well. Yes, its also from Ikea and it has wheels! This couldn't be a simpler project and once you open your eyes to the world of contact paper, there are innumerable options to play with. Printed, patterned, plain - leather effect, marble effect, wood effect. The possibilities are endless. I'm going to stop talking now as I sound like a contact paper commercial but hope you enjoyed this little DIY.