May 30, 2013

Coach Mini Tanner and Vacation!

Hello, my merry people! I blink my eyes and five days just rushed past me. I wanted to write a quick post to share something with you. The first is that, as a congratulations present for clearing board exams, my husband got me the Coach Mini Tanner!!!!!!!!

You guys know my love for small bags. I wanted a compact bag, that could be worn cross body and in a pretty cheerful color for the grey weather here. The robin blue perforated mini tanner is perfect and met all the conditions. It is a three-trends-in-one bag. I absolutely adore it and have been eyeing for a long time.  I bought it from Macy's on their 25% off of Coach.. so it was around $200 down from the original price of $270. I am so happy to have it for my upcoming trip. Which brings me to my second thing -

I'm leaving to Paris for a vacation on saturday. Many many of you know about my childhood obsession with France and though I have cooled off a bit as I grow older, I am still plenty excited. I promised some of you a ton of pictures.. And I will try my best to keep that promise. I will also be visiting Amsterdam in the trip.

Will be back to regular blogging when I am back in 10 days. Thank you for reading! Leaving you with a picture of my little french cookie!