Mar 25, 2013

Outfit Post: Green Pants!

I am so in love with the green pants I bought from Old Navy. I have worn them so many times already.
Here are three ways in which I wore it in the last month.

Old Navy Khakis - $27 Chambray shirt - Nordstrom Rack - 2012 (Similar)

It was a sunny day, so I paired it with a simple chambray shirt that I bought at Nordstrom Rack last year for just ~$14. I am sorry that I'm barefoot in most photos but I almost always wear sneakers or oxfords when I'm out running errands.

Polka dot black top - Zara - 2012 (similar)

 On St.Patricks day I wore it with a Zara sheer sleeve polka dot black top and the green jeans. Its a simple black tee but the sleeves added a nice detail to it and of course the green brightened up the whole outfit.

Printed Tunic - Dorothy Perkins 2012. (Similar)

Most recently, I wore this to a technology/healthcare conference. I wanted to look professional yet stylish as there were only guys in the event and I didn't want to blend in with a blue jeans/ tee combo.To make it a little more professional, I wore it with a black blazer and black pumps.
The funny thing was that, there was one other girl in the conference who also wore green denim on the presentation day, so we had a good laugh over it. She was way better accessorised though!

I got this orchid print tunic in Dorothy Perkins last year for about $12. It was on clearance and I thought it was a great deal. Unfortunately the material was a ridiculously thin polyester and had no slits or room for my hips. The orchid is also off center which kind of ruins the symmetry of the flowers. So after staying at the back of my closet for a long time, I think it finally found its use as a top. Since it is so thin, I could easily tuck it in and layer it with a cotton cami to get rid of the static. (ugh).

These are just three ways that I wore my green jeans with. I also wore it with a grey top and a white shirt, but neglected to take pictures of them. I will continue to put up more looks as I wear them. I'm so glad I jumped on the coloured khakis band wagon! And I hope I can show enough variety to make you jump in too!