Mar 11, 2013

Colourful Khakis!

Hello.. I can finally share some clothing purchases with all of you. This is for the whole of spring, so I went  a little over my monthly budget of $100. But I'm so in love with all these pieces. They make excursions in this rain, a little more fun!

Remember last year when Gap had multiple colourful khakis? I bought a neon green one for $39 and then returned it because, it was not worth the price and was see-through. I instead replaced it with a sturdy neon denim from the juniors department of Nordstrom. It was just $14. Score!

This year, Old Navy came out with its own line of colourful khakis. They are priced at $29.94 (15% off with code DAYLIGHT) I purchased them at a price of $19.99 plus 15% off last week. So its a super deal is an understatement.

I also purchased a coral heart sweater, a leopard heart top and self dot polka print mint pants from Forever 21.

Coral heart sweater - $22.80 , Polka dot mint pants - $24.80

P.S - sorry for the long post. 

The sweater is open knit. So its essential to layer it with a tank underneath. I could have fit in a S but I ordered an M for a slouchy fit since I would be layering a tank underneath.  The pants are true to size. The size 30 gives a little room to breathe. The size 29 would have been skin tight which is a look I don't like so much.

Leopard heart top - $10.80 Old Navy Boyfriend Khakis in Imperial Jade - $29.94

The leopard top is a such a fun top. The cotton is very light and see-through. Tank is essential.  I was kind of expecting that. I got it just so I can say that I have a "leopard heart". LOL. I'm kind of over the skinny denim trend which is why I went for this boyfriend style khakis. The imperial jade colour is a St.Patrick's day kind of green. I think its pretty fun and unusual and goes with everything spring coloured.

Old Navy Boyfriend Khakis in Finding Neon - $29.94
 This is my favourite piece of them all. I love the coral. Its so refreshing and brightens up the area around me. A funny thing happened yesterday when I was wearing it. I was in a restaurant when two different kids walked over from their tables to come and touch the pant. It was so funny and cute. This pant is a total "kid magnet" Its bright and neon, so if you are up for some bold colours, do not let this go.

Old Navy Boyfriends Khakis in Brink Pink Neon.
 I question this piece in my wardrobe. I really have no necessity to keep this considering I have the coral ones. And my husband hates it. I just don't have the heart to return it though :( Its pink. Neon neon pink and it lights up the room! Shouldn't a girl have atleast one pair of neon pink pants? I thank all of you who enabled me to keep it. I am keeping it.. its really fun and the price is worth it. So there, Hubby! Deal with it!

A note on the material - the khakis are really great cotton. 97% cotton and 3% spandex. So they are extremely soft and comfortable. I would put this on par with the Gap ones which retailed for double the price. The pants are also not see through though you can make out the outlines of the pockets. Seamless and nude underwear would be advised.

Total spring haul - 3*20 + 22.80 + 24.80 + 10.80 + 8 (a different sweater. See in twitter) = $125.

So along with the Kate Spade wallet last month - $225. Its $225 out of $300 allowed for Feb, March and April.
I'm very proud of how well I'm doing. I know some of you are struggling to curb your spending.. I would love for you to join me. Or you could join the folks over at Tanvi's shopping ban link up and quit cold turkey! Tanvi and co. .. how is it going?
Are you loving the colourful khakis in ON? Which ones do you have your eye on?