Feb 15, 2013

Valentine's day in pictures!

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's day. Whether by yourself or with loved ones. I used to be an angry young woman when I was younger and without a Valentine and chose to wear black as a protest of Valentine's day when I was younger. A few years into marriage and trying to give gifts that made me happier than my hubby has taught this older girl some lessons.

I have finally understood that my hubby is never going to be thrilled with gifts (unless they are NERF) so I decided to shift my focus to food. Last year the heart pizza was a hit in the house, so this year, I set out to beat my own record. Here are a few quick snaps of the dishes I made. All are exceedingly simple, so I have not posted any recipes. If you do have any questions, do ask me in the comments.

Orange Bluten (Orange flowers German recipe)

Tomato and red pepper soup with heart shaped pasta

Mushroom and basil pesto pizza

Chocolate, Cashew and Strawberry Pizza.
That's it. I also had some strawberries stuffed with vanilla icing.  We had a lot of fun digging through all the food and there was so much leftover that we had a great lunch today too. Did you do anything fun for Valentine's day? I would love to know, do tell me!