Feb 6, 2013

Spring is on my mind!

Are you dying for spring? or are you dying for spring? February is always a great month around here.. The third week has Valentine's day, our Engagement day and Hubster's birthday.. so usually its a fun month. This time around, I CANNOT wait for spring. I think I will even skip celebrating V-day. Maybe just make some love themed food and but after that, spring will be here!!! So excited.

So excuse me if there are no V-day fashion posts this year. I guess I just grew up! Lets talk spring. As always there seems to be an influx of mint and coral. Which are great colors, I''m sure. But this year I'm craving sky blue. That really really light blue on a cloudless day. Which I have not seen for exactly 60 days, as of today. Not convinced?  Let me showcase some items I have been eyeing!
Nine West sandals - $59

Kate Spade Charlotte Sylvie Satchel - $278
Fossil Marlow Zip Clutch - $65

Georgia Leather Watch - $75

Some of them are not quite mint or turquoise and some of them are a gorgeous sky blue but either way these pieces remind me that good times are about to come!
Are any colours calling out to you specifically? Have you decided on any piece that you are going to buy for spring? I would love to know!