Feb 20, 2013


Just a quick update to show you my beautiful new wallet from Kate Spade. Its the "Bond Street, Cyndy" wallet.  I bought it at a sale on Kate Spade website for $99. Its the last season's style, but the coral is perfect for spring and summer and I love the diamond shaped turn lock.

I tried various filters to see which one is closest to real life.  The last two are the closest to real life. It has a zip compartment on the inside which divided the space into two compartments. The back one holds credit cards while the front one can be used for cash.

There is also a handy back slide pocket which can be used to "shove and move" when the sales lady gives you the receipt and everyone is giving you the side eye for being too slow to stow your credit card back..

The sale is over now but there are plenty of new styles at the Kate Spade website. Sorry to disappoint! If I do find any link at all, I will post the update here + tweet it out.. 

I'm really excited about this wallet and as you know this is my first ever actual designer purchase and I think I picked a good product to start. This has made me very curious - what was your first ever designer purchase and how much did you get it for?