Feb 25, 2013

Crave/Save - Coach Legacy Courtenay Hobo

Hello! Ready for the week? I'm super busy, studying for exams (hopefully the last one) but shopping is a welcome respite. I haven't spent any money other than for the wallet which is super expensive. I did place a giant order for Prabal Gurung for Target but ended up returning every single one of them. The pieces I got were very unlike the pictures in the website. And apparently size 8 is too big for me(?) I have placed another order with Old Navy. I will share it when they come and if I'm planning to keep them. 

Coming to today's post - Out of the $300 I have for apring purchases (instead of $100 a month, I converted it into $300 per season), I am so tempted to spend it all on this one bag. I have been obsessing over the Coach Legacy Courtenay bag for the last one month. 

The beautiful bag is available in a variety of spring colors like mint, coral , yellow and light blue. But my eye is on the classic colors like this rich cognac and black. It has pretty much everything I love in a handbag. Not too slouchy, not too structured. Has the convenient front pocket for easy to reach items. A long leather strap and a short strap. I mean - absolute handbag perfection.  The price is a little steep for me at $298. You can buy it from the Coach website here.

This is the bag in black - 

Now, if you are not too picky, here is the "save" version from Banana Republic. This is the Melissa leather Hobo.

This is very similar to the Coach version. The two cons for this bag is that it has a button closure instead of a zip. It lacks the long strap that would make it a crossbody.

I really don't mind the button closure . So the real problem of the lack of long handle can be taken care of by purchasing a long purse strap from Etsy or some other online retailers or use the strap from one of your older purses. Either way its too great a look for less to pass by if you are looking for a black handbag. You can buy this bag for $150 plus an additional 40% (about $100 after discount) off today here.

I'm waiting for them to restock in the brown and I will snatch it up right away as soon as they do. So, which one do you prefer? The BR version or the Coach version?

Feb 20, 2013


Just a quick update to show you my beautiful new wallet from Kate Spade. Its the "Bond Street, Cyndy" wallet.  I bought it at a sale on Kate Spade website for $99. Its the last season's style, but the coral is perfect for spring and summer and I love the diamond shaped turn lock.

I tried various filters to see which one is closest to real life.  The last two are the closest to real life. It has a zip compartment on the inside which divided the space into two compartments. The back one holds credit cards while the front one can be used for cash.

There is also a handy back slide pocket which can be used to "shove and move" when the sales lady gives you the receipt and everyone is giving you the side eye for being too slow to stow your credit card back..

The sale is over now but there are plenty of new styles at the Kate Spade website. Sorry to disappoint! If I do find any link at all, I will post the update here + tweet it out.. 

I'm really excited about this wallet and as you know this is my first ever actual designer purchase and I think I picked a good product to start. This has made me very curious - what was your first ever designer purchase and how much did you get it for? 

Feb 17, 2013

Crave/Save - J.Crew Optic Dot top

Last year J.Crew came out with this cute twist on a polka dot top. The classic black and white meant, it could be paired with many different colour combinations. Unfortunately, the top is now sold out. It retailed for  $128.

This season, New York and Company has come out with a very similar top for a more affordable $42.95 and they usually have a lot of promotions, so it might work out for less than that.

There is more white in this top compared to the J.Crew one but if you love the look and feel of one, you will love the other! Buy it here for $42.95

Feb 15, 2013

Valentine's day in pictures!

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's day. Whether by yourself or with loved ones. I used to be an angry young woman when I was younger and without a Valentine and chose to wear black as a protest of Valentine's day when I was younger. A few years into marriage and trying to give gifts that made me happier than my hubby has taught this older girl some lessons.

I have finally understood that my hubby is never going to be thrilled with gifts (unless they are NERF) so I decided to shift my focus to food. Last year the heart pizza was a hit in the house, so this year, I set out to beat my own record. Here are a few quick snaps of the dishes I made. All are exceedingly simple, so I have not posted any recipes. If you do have any questions, do ask me in the comments.

Orange Bluten (Orange flowers German recipe)

Tomato and red pepper soup with heart shaped pasta

Mushroom and basil pesto pizza

Chocolate, Cashew and Strawberry Pizza.
That's it. I also had some strawberries stuffed with vanilla icing.  We had a lot of fun digging through all the food and there was so much leftover that we had a great lunch today too. Did you do anything fun for Valentine's day? I would love to know, do tell me!

Feb 14, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday!

Hello there! Wish you a very happy Valentine' day. I will post this year's fun meals I planned tomorrow. I don't want to ruin the surprise for my hubby! In the meanwhile, tell me.. How much do you love Kate Spade?

I love their fun prints and while sometimes the pieces look a bit cartoonish, its easy to find something that suits your style. Which is why I was beyond excited to find out that they have a new lower cost brand called Kate Spade Saturday coming out in March.

Whats even more exciting is that there is a pop-up shop in Fab where you can buy them right now!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces -

Fine Fellow iPhone Case - $25
Saturdate Sandal - $180

Haf Circle bag - The handle doubles as a belt! - $160

Half Circle mug set - $30

Saturday Sneaks - $65 Love these.

Its fun, youthful and bursting with colour kind of collection. I love it and I can't wait for the brand to introduce more designs and more pieces. What do you think of this collection? 

Feb 10, 2013

Crave/Save - Bow clutches

When spring is around, bows are bound to be not far behind. This season, Kate Spade is bursting with bows. I cautiously love their pieces.. and I really loved their fun bow clutch. With about a dozen bows!

The bows have a pyramidal stud as their center and its a pretty fun look, you must admit. Buy it here for $398.

As cute as that clutch is, I like Zara's look far better. If given a choice would you pick regular old bows with regular old studs OR studs in the SHAPE OF BOWS?? How stinkin cute! I totally adore the Zara version.

I think it doesn't scream "I have bows, I'm a lady" . The cute bows balance the serious blackness. And it has a chain for hands-free comfort. Everybody wins! Buy this piece here for $39.90.  Yes, there is a decimal point AFTER the 39. Sometimes I love this column too much! 

As always.. which one do you like better and why? 

Feb 7, 2013

Crave/Save : Pim Larkin striped dress

I am a big fan of Pim + Larkin dresses and skirts. The colourful stripes just jump out to me. I recently bookmarked this gorgeous springy dress.  It retails for a quite reasonable $79.

I do like to save some cash when I can, so I loved this very similar dress from JCP. 

There are some obvious differences but the colour palette and the fit are very similar. The JCP is polyester while the Pim + Larkin is cotton. The JCP version does not have pockets. But I do love the defined waistband in JCP version. Buy it here for $35.

Which dress do you prefer? Also do you prefer cotton or polyester in your off duty clothes??

Feb 6, 2013

Spring is on my mind!

Are you dying for spring? or are you dying for spring? February is always a great month around here.. The third week has Valentine's day, our Engagement day and Hubster's birthday.. so usually its a fun month. This time around, I CANNOT wait for spring. I think I will even skip celebrating V-day. Maybe just make some love themed food and but after that, spring will be here!!! So excited.

So excuse me if there are no V-day fashion posts this year. I guess I just grew up! Lets talk spring. As always there seems to be an influx of mint and coral. Which are great colors, I''m sure. But this year I'm craving sky blue. That really really light blue on a cloudless day. Which I have not seen for exactly 60 days, as of today. Not convinced?  Let me showcase some items I have been eyeing!
Nine West sandals - $59

Kate Spade Charlotte Sylvie Satchel - $278
Fossil Marlow Zip Clutch - $65

Georgia Leather Watch - $75

Some of them are not quite mint or turquoise and some of them are a gorgeous sky blue but either way these pieces remind me that good times are about to come!
Are any colours calling out to you specifically? Have you decided on any piece that you are going to buy for spring? I would love to know!