Jan 21, 2013

Playfully Elegant!

Do you guys remember when I said I don't want my house to take itself too seriously? It has been tough with the neutral on neutral furniture and upholstery I have been eyeing. I was looking for some playful accents but I didn't want to overload my house with figurines and decorative pieces.

Here is where I will introduce this awesome shop that I found online and who are totally not paying me to recommend them! Its called Boston Warehouse and they make cute animal themed stuff for the home. Here are a few of my favourites -

Udderly Cow Mug - $6.99
Snail Tape Dispenser - $11.99
Porcupine Scrubber - $9.99
Peacock dust pan and brush - $14.99
Monkey Peeler - $7.99
Flower Kitchen Brush - $11.99
Ibis Garlic Press - $9.99
Elephant Dish Brush - $7.99

My first instinct would be to buy all these and more but I think its a sign of growin up that I feel a couple of these would add the right pop to my totally neutral house. 

I say this but my kitchen is right now decked out in turquoise, coral, grey and lime green. Some neutral eh? 
 These are not for decoration per se and I may need to buy actual decorative stuff. But I think's its so fun and it will make scrubbing a little more enjoyable! 
Anyway which of these do you love? How would you add some playfulness to a grown up space?

P.S: I posted a few photos of my closet and kitchen over at twitter.