Jan 10, 2013

Crave/Save - French Script Ottoman

When I said I'm into decor these days, I was serious.. So here comes the first ever Crave/Save home decor post.

I recently found Dania furniture here in Washington. The prices are reasonable and the reviews are pretty good. I think they are called Plummers in California?!

While going through their products I found this very pretty script print ottoman. It would look perfect in a French inspired bedroom/vanity.

The super cute ottoman is available here for $89.99

Then I remembered seeing something very similar in World Market. Though the original price of the French script stool is $99.99, it is on sale for $49.99. now.

I truly cannot find that many differences between the two. And I actually prefer the World Market stool for the lower price and the lighter colour. 

I don't have a shoe closet (I only have 4-5 shoes) but I would totally put this near a shoe closet to sit and try on shoes. I would feel so prim and proper getting ready! 

Are you guys enjoying the home decor posts? Would you like me to continue posting home decor products or do you want me to go back to fashion/style posts?  Do let me know in the comments!