Jan 24, 2013

Life Updates!

I wanted to write a quick post to tell you guys, we bought our first car. Its so weird that we have survived for so long without one but we just loved using public transport, both in India and in San Francisco. When you have Muni and BART, you really don't miss the car in downtown SF. And then we moved to Redmond and realised public transport was just not going to cut it here. We still try to take the bus to work and closer places but we needed a big ole car to cart us to places not close to bus stops.

We bought a 2013 Honda CRV. This is a car that I have loved from the day it was launched. When I told some friends that we booked this, every single one of them remembered me stopping dead when I spotted a CRV. Apparently I used to go over to the car and stare at its insides. I guess I blocked out these embarrassing details :) Many people think and even told me that its an ugly vehicle but to me its the most beautiful thing in the world. It is the best SUV in the market. I'm going to keep it for life. What more can I ask for?
The light shined upon us and the car when we saw it in the showroom!

I named her Serenity - She's named after Serenity as in the series Firefly.

So that's our big news! And I'm a happy girl! Now if I can get my license soon...

Oh and also I got my hair cut. If you missed my instagram meltdown - I tried to cut it by myself and my hair looked like a disaster. Thankfully a quick hair appointment later, it looks good now.

That's how much hair I cut. Yes, I'm an idiot and Po is judging me!
That's it from the home front. Will be back with shopping updates soon!! 

Jan 21, 2013

Playfully Elegant!

Do you guys remember when I said I don't want my house to take itself too seriously? It has been tough with the neutral on neutral furniture and upholstery I have been eyeing. I was looking for some playful accents but I didn't want to overload my house with figurines and decorative pieces.

Here is where I will introduce this awesome shop that I found online and who are totally not paying me to recommend them! Its called Boston Warehouse and they make cute animal themed stuff for the home. Here are a few of my favourites -

Udderly Cow Mug - $6.99
Snail Tape Dispenser - $11.99
Porcupine Scrubber - $9.99
Peacock dust pan and brush - $14.99
Monkey Peeler - $7.99
Flower Kitchen Brush - $11.99
Ibis Garlic Press - $9.99
Elephant Dish Brush - $7.99

My first instinct would be to buy all these and more but I think its a sign of growin up that I feel a couple of these would add the right pop to my totally neutral house. 

I say this but my kitchen is right now decked out in turquoise, coral, grey and lime green. Some neutral eh? 
 These are not for decoration per se and I may need to buy actual decorative stuff. But I think's its so fun and it will make scrubbing a little more enjoyable! 
Anyway which of these do you love? How would you add some playfulness to a grown up space?

P.S: I posted a few photos of my closet and kitchen over at twitter.

Jan 13, 2013

Rustic Dining!

I have always liked really really dark cherry wood. That changed when I moved here to Seattle! The place is so gloomy that dark wood just seems to weigh everything down. So my primary goal in decoration is that everything feels light, airy and sunny. EVEN IF THERE IS NO SUN!! Now our dining room overlooks a deck which opens into the forest. The tall trees mean, very less sunlight but lot of greenery. So, I had a vision of something like this -

So a light birch wood table and ghost chairs were my original intention. Now, did I mention that our house is small? So I got this idea that I should have two upholstered chairs and two stackable ghost chairs, so the upholstered ones can be used in the living room for extra seating.
Also since we would have a Puja area in the dining room, on the sideboard probably, the dining table couldn't be too big. With all these conditions, the final decision was to get -
A foldable dining table, two upholstered chairs and two ghost chairs.

So imagine my excitement when I found these gorgeous chairs on sale for $79 a piece in World Market! I totally scooped two of those up..

This is the grey tufted dining chair. The color is more natural linen/sand than an outright grey. Since its just the two of us for now, we would make do with these chairs and buy more as more people visit.
The only downside is that, the legs are a dark espresso color , so my ideas of white/birch combo has gone out of the window!

For the table, I was looking for a light colored wood gateleg but this is the best option I have so far -

This table is foldable and so we could have lots of space for pujas when necessary. And it will also not block a lot of light.  So I'm hoping the dark wood works. They do have a white version but its a heavy glossy white, so I'm not sure how that would work.
I also found this set but could I ignore my chair's dark legs and put it with this table? I'm not sure!

For now, I'm still trying to decide between ghost chairs and a bench.. and of course looking for a space saver table.  Lets see how that goes.

These are my dining room updates so far.. I'm really excited and again thank you so much for letting me share this experience with you guys! I'm having a lot of fun. I would love to hear your feedback and I would also love to know if you have any suggestions for a space saver dining table.

I will be back soon with more updates! Lets talk in the comments until then!

Jan 10, 2013

Crave/Save - French Script Ottoman

When I said I'm into decor these days, I was serious.. So here comes the first ever Crave/Save home decor post.

I recently found Dania furniture here in Washington. The prices are reasonable and the reviews are pretty good. I think they are called Plummers in California?!

While going through their products I found this very pretty script print ottoman. It would look perfect in a French inspired bedroom/vanity.

The super cute ottoman is available here for $89.99

Then I remembered seeing something very similar in World Market. Though the original price of the French script stool is $99.99, it is on sale for $49.99. now.

I truly cannot find that many differences between the two. And I actually prefer the World Market stool for the lower price and the lighter colour. 

I don't have a shoe closet (I only have 4-5 shoes) but I would totally put this near a shoe closet to sit and try on shoes. I would feel so prim and proper getting ready! 

Are you guys enjoying the home decor posts? Would you like me to continue posting home decor products or do you want me to go back to fashion/style posts?  Do let me know in the comments!

Jan 6, 2013

Brass/Gold/Wood Bathrooms!

Hello there! There have not been too many fashion posts in the last month or so. The reason is that I have been doing zero clothes shopping and plenty of home decoration shopping/ research. I finally decided to post my inspirations and shopping purchases here so that I can include you guys in the process.

First, I want to start with the bathroom. Its the smallest space with the least budget. I'm hoping decorating it would be simple.
I wanted to go for a beige and gold, posh but warm theme for the bathroom. But finding low cost gold accents for a bathroom has proven to be quite challenging! So I moved on to a dark wood or brass look with a beige scheme.

Here are some of the accessories that I have picked -

I don't need the mirror or tumbler. But I would love to get this soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.
There is also a trash can with the same finish.

I also love this rich wood set but the price is a lot higher than the brass.

To offset all the brown and gold and make it a little more cozy, I want to opt for ivory or beige bath rug. I love shaggy bath rugs. So whether I go for the wood or brass, this rug would be perfect -

I would love to get a soft toilet seat cover and contour rug - something like this but in a deeper cream or wheat or ivory shade.

These towels are the perfect shade.
Now to some decor accents - 

These come in a set of two, so I would use one bowl as a holder for these soap petals -

They are scented, so that would be a fragrance add on.

Also a clear vase with gold and ivory flowers like this -

And some darker branches -

Overall I would love to get a look and feel like this -

Since our wood is lighter, I will have to look at what works for our house. Also the whole room is elegant but its missing the crucial fun element. I wouldn't want my bathroom, of all the rooms, to take itself so seriously. So I'm looking for a some fun, playful decor pieces that will not take away from the look and feel.

I would love to hear your opinion on this design idea. Do you have any suggestions or product ideas that I should go for? Any shops that I need to check out? Any ideas on the playful fun accent ideas? I would be so happy if you guys helped me out in this process!!

Also, I am pinning a lot of decor ideas in my Pinterest boards. So if you are looking to decorate or if you would like to see pieces and rooms that inspire me, go here to see my Master bathroom pinspiration board.