Nov 14, 2012

Warming up!

Hello! Hope you had a fantastic Diwali! If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed my scented candle diyas. Its just a small indication of how much into scents I am recently.

I wanted to list a few of my favourite Bath and Body Works candles. I have walked by the store many many times always plugging my nose because the scent is just so strong. Then along came a Facebook offer for a free mini candle. And once I went in to claim that, I was flooded with more offers. So it was very clever marketing on their part. They turned me from a hater to a maybe fan.
I really love medicinal smelling or woodsy or very mild floral fragrances for the home. I absolutely hate the cranberry, cupcakey, "smell and get diabetes" ones. (Unfortunately that's exactly what my husband likes.)  If you have a preference similar to mine, you might like these  -

The stress relief eucalyptus candle is my hands down favourite. It has a strong smell and I find it so calming. On a cold day, with this scent, you can close your eyes and almost feel like you are in the Ooty hills. I swear, this is the exact scent you get. The spearmint serves to keep the eucalyptus from getting overwhelming. Buy it here for $19.50

A lot of people say Fresh Balsam smells just like a christmas tree. I don't know about that but it does smell so leafy and fresh. Definitely a must try! Buy it here for $20.00

Do you like woodsy scents and your hubs likes sweety sweets? This is the solution. The cranberry is not overwhelming and neither is the woodsy undertone. I'm still not a huge fan but its the perfect compromise! Buy it here for $19.50

And just to be different - you guys probably know that I don't drink coffee but I love, love, love the smell.  This candle was made for people like me -

Absolutely amazing coffee fragrance. Buy it here for $20.00. You can buy any of these candles in a smaller size for $10 each or minis which are 2 for $5.
I'm really curious as to what are your favourite home scents. Not just in BBW. Please tell me whatever fragrance you like. I'm eager to give it a sniff!