Oct 24, 2012

Crave/Save: Stella McCartney Damask Blouse

I love the damask patterns seen on many Stella McCartney pieces this season. This crisp white poplin shirt with a vibrant embroidered electric blue panel stuns with its drama potential!

You can buy this gorgeous shirt here for $1495. I don't know a single person who would buy a shirt for $1495 so I'm guessing, if you love this, you will also love this inspired version by H&M.

The H&M shirt is chiffon and has a print pattern as opposed to a damask embroidery but it features a beautiful blue printed collar. I do love the H&M version but the beauty of the Stella McCartney is undeniable! You can purchase this shirt for $29.95 in your local H&M store.

Most bloggers I know are taking a break and even I have cooled off a bit. Is Fall your lazy season too? I wonder how I will be in winter!

Thanks for reading!