Sep 12, 2012

Mini Potato Gratin

Its my new mission in life to find recipes that serve two. What is the use of a recipe serving six?? If I half it, I get it for three and do I need a third person in my couple's life? I don't think so. Do I want to eat enough for an extra person? Most certainly not. So when I was looking for a potato gratin recipe and found huge dishes of it all over the internet, I told myself - there's got to be a better way (Joey style). And this is what I found!

Individual mini potato gratins. Isn't that cool?? The recipe is here.  But I can recap it for you.
Pre-heat oven to 400.
Slice up a potato.
Have some cream handy.
Spray a muffin pan.
One slice potato, little cream, salt and pepper and repeat.
Bake for 30 mts. Done. DO NOT EAT FROM PAN. ITS HOT!

You may notice that I made three and negated my intro paragraph. Its OK because I ate all three. That is just how I roll. Is that a simple enough recipe? I think so. I think it might be time to take on slightly harder ones.
Do let me know if you try this recipe. Share a phone snap of any recipe you try on FB. I'm looking for tried and tested recipes. The same goes for your shopping haul. Phone snaps are good but if you have an actual camera, why not?! Oh and you have a few more days left to enter the awesome Crazy and Co giveaway. You can enter the very simple two step giveaway here.

P.S: Check out my rose-petal inspired manicure at my instagram/twitter/FB page. I love it. If you love it, I will post a tutorial!

Thanks for reading,