Sep 28, 2012

Fall trends: Jungle Chic

I'm always so excited to write these trends post. I try to keep ahead of the pack so that I can tell you guys what pieces to invest in for the coming season. FYI, I'm not going to write about "Oxblood". I mean.. what the hell is Oxblood? What happened to good old colour descriptions like "garnet red" or "wine red"? Did you know oxblood is brownish red? Blood that is brownish red - sounds appealing? sexy? As Tim Gunn said in last week's episode - "Its like a homage to the menstrual cycle". Go ahead and bust out your maroon or deep red or garnet clothes.. Its still fashionable, I assure you! No need to go looking for oxen or blood!

Coming to today's post - Jungle chic and safari chic is always in for fall. The best way to not look like a Kardashian and look sophisticated in animal print would be to pair it with with khakis and deep greens. I have included a few of my favourite pieces from Zara to show you what I mean. I have to say how much I love Zara. They know how to make a collection.  Go ahead and check out these pieces. You will love them.

Jungle Chic = Animal print + Khakis
1.$59.90 / 2.$59.90 / 3.$49.90 / 4.$59.90

1.$49.90 / 2.$89.90 / 3.$99.90

Are you loving this trend as much as I am? What do you feel about "oxblood"? What else trends are you looking forward to? Leave a comment and in case you wear one of these trends, I would love to see a picture, be it a blog post or FB page. Leave a link down below!! Thanks for reading, V.