Sep 30, 2012

Marchesa nails!

An easy manicure with Julep Oscar gold glitter and E.L.F Dark Navy nail colours. Pain the nails with a dark blue shimmer and then colour only the tips with a glitter polish. Though the dress looks silver, I prefer gold. After painting the tips, drain out the polish from the brush and dot your nail with a few of the remaining glitter.

Julep Oscar - $14/E.L.F Dark Navy - $2 (similar)/ Marchesa - $7998

Sep 28, 2012

Fall trends: Jungle Chic

I'm always so excited to write these trends post. I try to keep ahead of the pack so that I can tell you guys what pieces to invest in for the coming season. FYI, I'm not going to write about "Oxblood". I mean.. what the hell is Oxblood? What happened to good old colour descriptions like "garnet red" or "wine red"? Did you know oxblood is brownish red? Blood that is brownish red - sounds appealing? sexy? As Tim Gunn said in last week's episode - "Its like a homage to the menstrual cycle". Go ahead and bust out your maroon or deep red or garnet clothes.. Its still fashionable, I assure you! No need to go looking for oxen or blood!

Coming to today's post - Jungle chic and safari chic is always in for fall. The best way to not look like a Kardashian and look sophisticated in animal print would be to pair it with with khakis and deep greens. I have included a few of my favourite pieces from Zara to show you what I mean. I have to say how much I love Zara. They know how to make a collection.  Go ahead and check out these pieces. You will love them.

Jungle Chic = Animal print + Khakis
1.$59.90 / 2.$59.90 / 3.$49.90 / 4.$59.90

1.$49.90 / 2.$89.90 / 3.$99.90

Are you loving this trend as much as I am? What do you feel about "oxblood"? What else trends are you looking forward to? Leave a comment and in case you wear one of these trends, I would love to see a picture, be it a blog post or FB page. Leave a link down below!! Thanks for reading, V.

Sep 26, 2012

Crave/Save - JCrew Cece studded ballet flats

Hey all!! How is the week going? I have a new Crave/Save J.Crew item for you. I guess I have to stop trolling J.Crew website, still - this is a great find, you guys!

This is the J.Crew Cece studded leather ballet flat retailing for $138- Note that it has an upper made of Italian leather.

Steve Madden has a similar styled flat with a synthetic upper for $49.95. I think the J.Crew one alternated big and small studs while the Steve Madden are all the same size which I prefer.

Apart from black and blush, these are also available in browngold glitter and  red and green suede. If you love this design, you have a lot more choices of fabric and colour from Steve Madden. Hope you find this useful. Which one do you prefer and why?


Sep 24, 2012

Cupcake for one!

Hello!! Its Fall Y'all!! How are you liking it so far?? As promised, more recipes are coming up for people with only two people to feed. Today I'm posting a cupcake for one recipe. I think its infinitely tastier because its only one. You love every bite.

Recipe -
Ingredients -
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp flour
4 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
pinch of baking soda

Easy to remember too huh? Mix everything and bake at 350F for 15-20 mts. I used some out of the can frosting and a premium vanilla wafer to decorate. Simple and easy. Please share any recipes for one that you might have. I'm in a desperate need.. Have a great week ahead.

Thanks for reading,

Sep 21, 2012

Patch NYC for Target

Hello hello! Sorry I have been MIA. Was off to Seattle on a sudden trip but now that I'm back, lets get down to business.
First of all, many congrats to Ashwini for winning the Crazy and Co giveaway!!
Secondly, what have you all been upto while I was gone??

Coming to today's post, I wanted to shine the spot light on some really beautiful home decor pieces in the Patch NYC collection for Target. Its full of quirky animal inspired pieces and the color scheme is just so vibrant and beautiful that I had to share some of my favourite pieces.

I loved this mushroom candle in its deep orange and brown hues. It reminds of rains and forest floors with brightly coloured mushrooms.


The woodpecker pecking away at my lamp is my favourite piece of the collection. Such a statement piece!

I love the very wise owl bookends too. Perched on Patch NYC books - really cute.
The deer lazing on the cookie jar is so elegant and so pretty. I adore it.

Obviously I am enamored with this collection. The prices are a little high but for a designer brand that actually put in design elements that are this pretty and elegant, I think they are worth it (I'm looking at you, Missoni!). Have you checked out this collection? What are your favourite pieces?? 

Sep 12, 2012

Mini Potato Gratin

Its my new mission in life to find recipes that serve two. What is the use of a recipe serving six?? If I half it, I get it for three and do I need a third person in my couple's life? I don't think so. Do I want to eat enough for an extra person? Most certainly not. So when I was looking for a potato gratin recipe and found huge dishes of it all over the internet, I told myself - there's got to be a better way (Joey style). And this is what I found!

Individual mini potato gratins. Isn't that cool?? The recipe is here.  But I can recap it for you.
Pre-heat oven to 400.
Slice up a potato.
Have some cream handy.
Spray a muffin pan.
One slice potato, little cream, salt and pepper and repeat.
Bake for 30 mts. Done. DO NOT EAT FROM PAN. ITS HOT!

You may notice that I made three and negated my intro paragraph. Its OK because I ate all three. That is just how I roll. Is that a simple enough recipe? I think so. I think it might be time to take on slightly harder ones.
Do let me know if you try this recipe. Share a phone snap of any recipe you try on FB. I'm looking for tried and tested recipes. The same goes for your shopping haul. Phone snaps are good but if you have an actual camera, why not?! Oh and you have a few more days left to enter the awesome Crazy and Co giveaway. You can enter the very simple two step giveaway here.

P.S: Check out my rose-petal inspired manicure at my instagram/twitter/FB page. I love it. If you love it, I will post a tutorial!

Thanks for reading,

Sep 10, 2012

Summer to Fall

Hello!! How was your weekend?? Did you do any shopping? I used up my supercash in Old Navy and bought a really cute pair of army camouflage ballet flats. You can buy them here.

For today's post, I wanted to showcase transitioning looks from summer to fall. I used this necklace from Crazy and Co. Oh and you still have time to enter the Crazy and Co giveaway. Just leave a comment saying which is your favourite piece in Crazy and Co and head over and like The Daily Sequin on FB and you can win  $20 gift card to Crazy and Co. Enter here.

Dress - $49.99
Necklace - $17
Shoes - $44.95
For the look, I picked a striped orange and grey dress. Pair it with the Crazy orange statement necklace and these multi-material grey-silver booties from DSW. Slip on a jacket or a coat and you are standing out in a sea of greys and blacks without looking like you are living in summer still.
What do you think of this look? I love all three pieces, I'm actually considering buying them.
Do share any shopping you did over the weekend on the facebook page. Also I get a ton of sale mails and instead of mass deleting them, I will try to post discounts and deals over on FB and Twitter so feel free to check them out if you are looking for good deals.

Sep 6, 2012

Crave/Save Neon Striped top

How are you enjoying the FNOs and runway shows? May I remind you that you still have time left to enter the giveaway for a $20 gift card for Crazy and Co! You can enter the giveaway here!
If you were a little late to the J.Crew party, I'm sure you have been wondering how to get your hands on the J.Crew striped neon top.

Unfortunately, the product has sold out and I have been looking for a good alternative for quite some time. For all the J.Crew inspired pieces that Old Navy has been introducing for Fall 2012, it was inevitable that they would do something similar.
This Old Navy tunic/dress is similar enough for me to buy it as an alternative to the coveted J.Crew version. I The material is thick jersey and the colour is a very bright neon. Not the perfect piece for fall but I could see this working well if the rest of the outfit was neutral. What do you guys think? Close enough to buy?  Which one do you like better?

Sep 4, 2012

Crazy and Co GIVEAWAY!

I'm so excited to introduce to you my friend and fellow blogger Tanvi's superbly eclectic and quirky accessories store - Crazy and Co. You had me at Crazy, seriously! Here are some of my favourite pieces from the shop. Most of the jewelry is priced between $20 to $50  and the store offers free shipping for purchases over $25.

Clockwise from top left - 1,2,3,4,5,6
Tanvi is very kindly giving a $20 gift card to one of The Daily Sequin's readers Here are the steps you have to follow.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The contest is open for two weeks from today. Login with your email or facebook page on rafflecopter and follow all the mandatory steps to enter. You can use the optional steps to boost up your entries to give you a better chance for winning! Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Sep 3, 2012

Crave/Save : Bubble Necklace

Hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. My weekend was marked by two things - I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Good book and  recommended for people who hate too much cotton candy and fluff in a novel. I also have a new found fondness for ostriches after visiting the California Academy of Sciences.
Coming to today's post, J.Crew's bubble necklaces are getting really popular. Everyone and their grandma seems to have one. I'm skipping the trend but not for the lack of chic. In fact, the necklaces can dress up any outfit instantly and would be a great buy if you are looking for some statement pieces. You can buy these necklaces here for $150 with free shipping. There are more colour options in J.Crew website if you don't mind the shipping and if you are fast enough, they have a free shipping offer going on today alone. The necklace is 18 carat gold plated which probably contributes to the price.

If you want to try out this trend for fun and not invest a lot of money, check out Bauble Bar's beautiful Princesse necklaces which are very similar and cost $38 and you can buy them here.

There are a bunch of online sites that sell similar ones and even Ebay and Amazon list a lot of these lookalikes. I'm not sure about the authenticity of these sellers which is why I have not listed them here. Couple that with the fact that Bauble Bar offers free shipping and $10 off if you sign up for their email, this could be quite an inexpensive option.
Are you loving the bubble necklace trend? Have you already bought one or are you planning to buy any? Let me know in the comments. If a lot of you are buying it, I may also buy it because I don't want to be left out.

Thanks for reading,

Sep 1, 2012

Kate Spade Watches

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I wanted to share one of my newest obsessions. I don't leave house without a watch and I usually don't care if it goes with my outfit or not. But these watches have really left me wanting more out of mine.

Kate Spade is a great brand with an elegant and practical esthetic. These watches  have clean lines and simple silhouettes suitable for most work places. The colours are a little bright for fall but if you are wearing all black or grey, a punch of pink or blue would be just what you need.

My favourites are the Cooper rose gold watch and the Pink Carousel watch. But I wouldn't say no to the Delacorte Bangle or the quilted one. And the blue watch and the bow shaped dials are really cute as well. Did I just list all of them?? Well, no wonder since I don't share it unless I really love it. 
What are your favourite watches?  Which brands do you love? Which of these watches do you like?
 Its a long weekend and those of you who are going on a great tripor some fun shopping , feel free to share those pictures with me on the FB page or twitter. I would love to see them. 

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!