Aug 21, 2012

Inspirations for Indian Fusion

As you all know, I'm always excited for In-FB remixes. This time the challenge is to wear Indian Fusion. While I still haven't decided on my final look, its fun to do some shop-hopping and put together my fantasy outfits.
Here is one such outfit I put together in my head.

Red Kurta - Globus - Rs.1499
Kate Spade Spiral tights - $14
Lulu Townsend pumps - $49.95
Spring Street Design Group red jewel bangle - Nordstrom - $36
Guess plum wood rhinestone bangle - $25

Red and purple is such a daring combination. I have so many anarkali type kurtas and I was thinking of the best way to make them suitable to wear here in the US. Since fall is fast approaching, I have picked deep jewel tones to illustrate my point.
This gorgeous red kurta is from Globus. You can by it here for Rs.1499. The purple panel on the body served as my main inspiration for the rest of the look. With most kurtas, you can mix and match so well. So though I picked purple, a deep green or gold accessories would look just as great.
This kurta would hit you slightly above the knee so you could easily wear it as a dress with a jacket or a belt to make it more dress- like.
If you feel uncomfortable with the length, you could pair it with 20 or 40 denier tights in a lighter purple. These tights are from Kate Spade. I love the swirly spiral pattern. Makes your legs look thinner I think.
To avoid an overdose of fuchsia-purple, I picked these dark plum pumps from Lulu Townsend.
No Indian outfit is complete without some bling, so I picked these gorgeous jeweled resin square bangle in a deep red and a wooden plum bangle with rhinestones to tie the dress and shoes together. You could always add simple stud earrings and a ring or two to polish your outfit.

I have a couple more outfits in mind with Indian pieces with a western twist. Will post them later this week.

What do you think of this outfit? Have I inspired you to try red and purple together? Any other ways of wearing Indian clothes here in the US?

Thanks for reading,