Aug 9, 2012

Fall trends: Burgandy bags

Yeah... we are talking about fall. I know there are still a few more days to wear pastels and sandals but I love fall and its never too soon to get ready for it. I love indulging in deep wine red, mustard and deep teal.. Is it too early in the day for philosophy? But I do like colors that are intent on fulfilling  their colorfulness - a red that is deep red or a yellow that is committed to being yellow as opposed to a half hearted color such as light sheer pink which would rather be white. But this rule is only for fall. Summer can be filled with pretend colors, I don't mind!
Anyway, I showed you the mustard wallet/wristlet that I bought in Nordstrom here. So I was on the lookout for a deep red bag. I hate slouchy bags or hobos. So I was overjoyed to find this neat tote -

I don't know why it took me so long to order this because I have been drooling over it for months. I love how it is quilted but not all the way through and it can be slung over the shoulder with the braided chain handle if I needed my hands free. Anyway, this month, I finally ordered it for $44. I think I bought the last piece on the site because it is sold out now. I hope they don't tell me my order didn't go through. I so love it.
Anyway, since I didn't want you guys to feel left out, I have lined up some of my favourite bags in this deep wine hue. Enjoy!

I love the Alexander Wang inspired Jaxon Stud duffel bag and the Liz Claiborne hibiscus printed bag. Which are your favorites? Do you buy summer and winter bags? What colors have you picked for fall?

Thanks for reading,