Aug 3, 2012

E.L.F Eyeliners - Review

Hello.. TGIF atlast! I have been lining up a series of review posts as I have been buying beauty products by the bushel (kidding) and I have very strong opinions on all of them. Read on for my first beauty review for the E.L.F eyeliner.

To the left is the E.L.F Essential waterproof eye-liner pen and to the right is the liquid eyeliner. As you can see, the eye-liner pen is pretty bullshit. Can you believe that is black? It looks brown to me and the delivery is so streaky and overall a huge miss.  The tip is thick and doesn't pull the skin. Its the formula that is bad. It was always a gamble considering it was $1.

This tip of the liquid eyeliner is quite thin. Its not that difficult to use still, it doesn't have the convenience of the  eye-liner pen.

The formula is pretty good. It delivers a matte and not glossy black line. It doesn't last all day though. It fades and delivers uneven colour sometimes.

Excuse my makeup free and non airbrushed photos. I wore just the eyeliner for purposes of this review as today is my "let my skin breathe" day.
And this is the final look. As you can see the eyeliner looks a bit streaky because the colour is uneven in certain areas and not jet black everywhere.

Overall opinion -
E.L.F essential waterproof eyeliner pen - $1 - Not recommended.
E.L.F essential liquid eyeliner - $1 Recommended only if you cant afford any other eyeliner or if you don't like the jet black look.

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Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!