Jul 6, 2012

Trailer Love: Les Miserables

Yay guys! I'm done with my exam. Now its time to pray because it was "that" kind of exam. Anyway, I'm still sleeping off the fatigue (7 hrs exam anyone?) , so this is post is not a well researched shopping post.. It a much loved trailer review.

Do people do trailer reviews?? I don't know but I'm going to do one. I have been waiting for Anne Hathaway's oscar as long as she has been waiting for it and this might be THE ONE.  I have never read the book Les Miserables because I identify with tragedies and convince myself that my life is going t go the same way. *shudders at the memory of Revolutionary Road*. So this trailer is very new to me and the desperation and challenges are so compelling. Anne's face when hair is sheared off and that fresh, beautiful look under her cape. So innocent and so beautiful. She is Fantine, a prostitute? Man, this movie is going to awesome.

 If I had to nitpick... I would have liked her voice a little more broken over this song.. Her soaring strong voice seems the opposite of the movie. But I guess thats what they are going for? Her strength despite her calamities? Bravo! What do you guys think of this trailer? ANd more importantly, what do you guys think of this "Trailer Love"? Would you like to see more trailer reviews once in a while? Have a great weekend everyone.

Thanks for reading,