Jul 9, 2012

Summer Essentials - Tunic tops

Hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was spent attending an amazing wedding over in South Bay. I had a great time. This was also my first ever Gujarati wedding and man, those guys have some fun.
I also wanted to thank you guys for continuing to visit and for checking out some of my older posts while I was gone.  I'm here now, so lets do some (window) shopping.

Dressing for summer is so subtly different from dressing for spring. The colors are a tad brighter. The clothes are a tad lighter. Recently I have really been into the idea of wearing a light airy tunic top paired with neutral cropped (or not) leggings.  I feel that finding a tunic for summer is very hard compared to winter because summer tunics look like beach coverups. Or they have this stitch running below the chest area which makes you look like you are a double D with a paunch. Not Flattering!

I rounded up some of these really light, colorful tunics with no weird areas for less than $50. Shirt-dresses work as tunics too. If they are long enough, they could be worn as dresses. If shorter, pair them with patterned white, beige or nude leggings to keep the look simple, clean and chic.

My favorites are the powder-blue shirt dress from Asos and the hot pink chiffon shirt tunic from Forever 21. Which are your favorites? Would you try out this trend?