Jul 24, 2012

Outfit Post:Date Night!

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I had a great time shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and then watched The Dark Knight Rises with the hubs. I love remixes where an old song gets a new life. Its essentially the exact same thing except for some new beats. That is exactly what this outfit it. Remember this? So this outfit is the exact same look with just a few details changed for a summer evening!

Top - Forever 21 - $14.99
Jeans - Zara - $20
Wristlet - Nordstrom - $18
Sandals - Ross- $25
I guess I should have moved the new duvet cover but once you ignore my shabby chic apartment, I'm sure your eyes are drawn to the sequins. I got this fantastic top in Forever 21. Its cropped though, so I paired it with a black cami which ended up looking like a border to the top. Cool! It seemed like the simplest thing to pair it with my dark red Zara jeans to make the sequins pop. I did want to lighten the look up a little bit as it was quite sunny when we left at 7PM. So switched up my shiny black bag and  black shoes for a lighter mustard wristlet and tan sandals.

Since some of the items are sold out on their websites, I have added shopping links for similar pieces.

Hope you liked my look! Grey + red is one of my fave color combos. Do you have any go-to color combos? 

Thanks for reading!