Jul 26, 2012

One down and a few more to go!

Hi guys..
Just wanted to do a quick post to tell you that I cleared the 1st part of my dental board exams. I really wanted to thank you guys for bearing with me while I juggled my blog and studies and continuing to support me. Thanks a ton. I just realised that I still have four days to apply to some universities that I had written off. So I'm scrambling to try to get my application in because they are right here in San Francisco and I don't want to miss them. I apologise and I promise I will post everyday next week and put up a couple more outfit posts to make it up to you.
Also I'm moving the reader interview series to my Facebook page as its a lot more fun to share pictures and videos to make your point and that wouldn't be possible here. So if you are not yet there on my FB, hurry up and join. (We can talk about Kristen Stewart too!) This weeks topic is "Which celebrity has turned you off a brand forever?" For me it will be Kim Kardashian in Roland Mouret. I loved that brand till she wore it. I will put up pictures illustrating the point in FB. If you guys think of something, post it there. Pictures would be great.
And finally... I'm planning to host my first ever giveaway as my birthday present to all of you. I was hoping to reach a hundred followers on twitter and 50 on FB by my birthday which is on August 14th. Could you guys give me that as my birthday present? I will love you forever and you will absolutely love the giveaway, I promise!