Jul 3, 2012

No Shades of Grey!

A really really quick post JUST to participate in the In-Fb Black and White remix.

I wore this black and white outfit for a fun day out to Fisherman's wharf back in February, I think. The dress is from Zara and the coat is from Macy's. I added the tights because it was really cold. And because it was all black and white, I added this fun Orange birkin look-alike bag, I got from Globus last year. A pretty simple and classic look with a little colour thrown in. Oh and this was when I had that ridiculous fringe going! If it makes you cringe, don't worry, I'm growing it out. What do you think of this look??

I also wanted to wish you all, a very happy Fourth of July. This is my first in the US and I feel bad that I can't go see the fireworks but Youtube is going to help me there.
Thank you all for your wishes for the exam. It is on thursday and all of your good wishes are really boosting my confidence. Have a great holiday, see you soon!

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