Jul 20, 2012

Crave/Save - Schutz shoes

Hello! Its Friday already. The days just fly by in summer, I tell you. Before I jump into the post, here are a few notifications that I neglected to make -
Zara sale started sometime last month but I didn't feature it because the prices are not as fabulous as last year. I'm waiting for their second cuts so that we get max value for our money. Still check out the store, you may find some great deals.
I have added the new BlogHer TV to my sidebar -------------------------------------------->
This lets you watch tv channels on 3 topics - cooking, fashion and inspiration right here from the blog. Since all three are important categories of this blog, I thought it would be so cool to add it here. What do you guys think about it?
Also how are you liking the new summer blog look? The changes are pretty minor so as to not jar you but I'm loving the poppies in the BG.

Now, onto the post -
Ever since I saw these shoes, they have been on my wishlist. The studs are smaller and more elegant on these Schutz shoes but they do remind of Valentino studded shoes. As much as I  really really love this shoe, I can't afford this. The price tag is a little steep (for me). Buy it for $218 here or here

So imagine my joy when I found this shoe without a heel on Zara. I'm going to wait till the end of the sale to see if they lower the price on this one but you can buy it here right now for $89.90

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for reading,