Jul 30, 2012

Coffee Bean Cookies

Hello.. How is your Monday so far? I had a lovely weekend and now am spending a frantic monday in front of my computer. It was great to take a short blogging break because it brings back memories of these amazing coffee cookies.

I followed this recipe but left out the chocolate and used instant coffee instead of espresso. Oh and I also shaped the cookie dough into a coffee bean like shape. Can't take credit because I have seen it on Martha Stewart still, I thought they looked pretty cool and they tasted like coffee heaven when eaten right from the oven. Try it.. You will not regret it.

Jul 27, 2012

Outfit Post: Wearing Sheer!

Hi guys! All geared up for the weekend? I was very excited for the "Wear Sheer" challenge by In-FB. Here is my entry for this fun re-mix.

I got this top from Zara with sheer sleeves and back. I couldn't wear a back open top like that , so I paired the top with a racer back tank top. The polka dots remind me a lot of last season Stella McCartney. I paired the black top with a crisp white pant and my summer sandals to lighten the look for daytime. A simple silver watch finished my look. What do you think of this look?

Jul 26, 2012

One down and a few more to go!

Hi guys..
Just wanted to do a quick post to tell you that I cleared the 1st part of my dental board exams. I really wanted to thank you guys for bearing with me while I juggled my blog and studies and continuing to support me. Thanks a ton. I just realised that I still have four days to apply to some universities that I had written off. So I'm scrambling to try to get my application in because they are right here in San Francisco and I don't want to miss them. I apologise and I promise I will post everyday next week and put up a couple more outfit posts to make it up to you.
Also I'm moving the reader interview series to my Facebook page as its a lot more fun to share pictures and videos to make your point and that wouldn't be possible here. So if you are not yet there on my FB, hurry up and join. (We can talk about Kristen Stewart too!) This weeks topic is "Which celebrity has turned you off a brand forever?" For me it will be Kim Kardashian in Roland Mouret. I loved that brand till she wore it. I will put up pictures illustrating the point in FB. If you guys think of something, post it there. Pictures would be great.
And finally... I'm planning to host my first ever giveaway as my birthday present to all of you. I was hoping to reach a hundred followers on twitter and 50 on FB by my birthday which is on August 14th. Could you guys give me that as my birthday present? I will love you forever and you will absolutely love the giveaway, I promise!

Jul 24, 2012

Outfit Post:Date Night!

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I had a great time shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and then watched The Dark Knight Rises with the hubs. I love remixes where an old song gets a new life. Its essentially the exact same thing except for some new beats. That is exactly what this outfit it. Remember this? So this outfit is the exact same look with just a few details changed for a summer evening!

Top - Forever 21 - $14.99
Jeans - Zara - $20
Wristlet - Nordstrom - $18
Sandals - Ross- $25
I guess I should have moved the new duvet cover but once you ignore my shabby chic apartment, I'm sure your eyes are drawn to the sequins. I got this fantastic top in Forever 21. Its cropped though, so I paired it with a black cami which ended up looking like a border to the top. Cool! It seemed like the simplest thing to pair it with my dark red Zara jeans to make the sequins pop. I did want to lighten the look up a little bit as it was quite sunny when we left at 7PM. So switched up my shiny black bag and  black shoes for a lighter mustard wristlet and tan sandals.

Since some of the items are sold out on their websites, I have added shopping links for similar pieces.

Hope you liked my look! Grey + red is one of my fave color combos. Do you have any go-to color combos? 

Thanks for reading!


Jul 22, 2012

Crave/Save - JCrew dress

Have I ever told you about my love/hate relationship with J.Crew? I love their store. I love almost every single piece there. But I hate that I cannot afford most of them. And free shipping over orders of $175.. wth?? Thats why I stick to Zara (free shipping) always! But here is a worthy alternative in design.

This is the Emmaleigh dress made of wool, so more suitable for fall winter. There is a very similar dress made of cotton/silk called Allie on J.Crew website. You can buy the Emmaleigh dress here for $188 and the Allie dress for $178 here. Now here is the dress I found in Piperlime.

This dress by Pim+Larkin was retailing for $69.99 now retails for $39.99. Its so similar in design and look to J.Crew with pockets and all. The differece is that this is cotton + linen+ spandex. And honestly I prefer a little spandex in my clothes just to smooth my silhouette a little. This dress is also available in a variety of summer colors including a tomato red, light pink, summer yellow and this royal blue. You can buy this dress here.

Update: You can use the code "ME" to buy this dress at 20% off. Code expires 7/24.

Jul 20, 2012

Crave/Save - Schutz shoes

Hello! Its Friday already. The days just fly by in summer, I tell you. Before I jump into the post, here are a few notifications that I neglected to make -
Zara sale started sometime last month but I didn't feature it because the prices are not as fabulous as last year. I'm waiting for their second cuts so that we get max value for our money. Still check out the store, you may find some great deals.
I have added the new BlogHer TV to my sidebar -------------------------------------------->
This lets you watch tv channels on 3 topics - cooking, fashion and inspiration right here from the blog. Since all three are important categories of this blog, I thought it would be so cool to add it here. What do you guys think about it?
Also how are you liking the new summer blog look? The changes are pretty minor so as to not jar you but I'm loving the poppies in the BG.

Now, onto the post -
Ever since I saw these shoes, they have been on my wishlist. The studs are smaller and more elegant on these Schutz shoes but they do remind of Valentino studded shoes. As much as I  really really love this shoe, I can't afford this. The price tag is a little steep (for me). Buy it for $218 here or here

So imagine my joy when I found this shoe without a heel on Zara. I'm going to wait till the end of the sale to see if they lower the price on this one but you can buy it here right now for $89.90

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for reading,

Jul 18, 2012

Delicate rings

I'm totally into rings right now. And though this is not a current trend or anything, I wanted to share a few of my favourite ones from Etsy over here.

I love how you can stack tiny diamonds and gemstones with a plain gold band to make a very cute wedding set. And you can wear them alone for a simple and sweet look especially at work. Me being in gloves almost all day, I find wearing bulky rings very uncomfortable. And I'm always worried that when I peel off the gloves, my rings are going to go with them to the trash. This seems a great way to deal with those problems. 
Do you like tiny rings? How many do you own?

Jul 16, 2012

Pie Dough Cookies

Hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Its so fun to wake up and check your mail on a monday morning to see it overflowing with new blog post notifications. So now that you have caught up with all the others, here is your mid-morning treat. I bought a couple of readymade pie dough sheets last week.  Since we are only two people in the house - two people who eat everything as soon as its ready, making a whole pie didn't seem like a good idea. Then I saw this mini pie recipe over at Smitten Kitchen and I decided to modify it to suit my needs.

The cookies were so flaky and crumbly. And the steps are so simple if you use readymade dough. Here is the how-to.

Jul 12, 2012

Style Classics - Quilted Bags

I really enjoyed making the trends and essentials series so far. So I wanted to start this new one featuring classic all time pieces under a $100 budget. The first feature is also the one I love the most!  My favourties are Mango's beige one, Nine West and Paradox mint one. What are your favourites?

Jul 11, 2012

Glossybox USA - June 2012 review

Hello y'all.. 
How are you liking the daily posting so far? Its been so quiet since I've been back. Give me a holler and show me you are all still here! I'm very excited to review my first ever GlossyBox USA. Its a monthly subscription service for $23 and they promise 5 deluxe samples and mostly one of them would be full size. 

Jul 10, 2012

Falling Flat!

Flats especially leopard flats that are absolutely perfect without falling flat in their appeal are hard to come by. So introducing the Steven by Steve Madden Eavan flats.

I adore the not clustered leopard patterrn and the studded strap detail at the back. You will saddened to hear that I returned these leopard pumps as they were slipping off of my feet all the time. But these might be my new love. Buy them here for $129.

On a side note, these shoes sell in a lot of places. Here is Amazon's picture of it. I love me some Amazon but with all their trying to revamp their fashion department, these kind of photos are definitely not helping.

Jul 9, 2012

Summer Essentials - Tunic tops

Hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was spent attending an amazing wedding over in South Bay. I had a great time. This was also my first ever Gujarati wedding and man, those guys have some fun.
I also wanted to thank you guys for continuing to visit and for checking out some of my older posts while I was gone.  I'm here now, so lets do some (window) shopping.

Dressing for summer is so subtly different from dressing for spring. The colors are a tad brighter. The clothes are a tad lighter. Recently I have really been into the idea of wearing a light airy tunic top paired with neutral cropped (or not) leggings.  I feel that finding a tunic for summer is very hard compared to winter because summer tunics look like beach coverups. Or they have this stitch running below the chest area which makes you look like you are a double D with a paunch. Not Flattering!

I rounded up some of these really light, colorful tunics with no weird areas for less than $50. Shirt-dresses work as tunics too. If they are long enough, they could be worn as dresses. If shorter, pair them with patterned white, beige or nude leggings to keep the look simple, clean and chic.

My favorites are the powder-blue shirt dress from Asos and the hot pink chiffon shirt tunic from Forever 21. Which are your favorites? Would you try out this trend?

Jul 6, 2012

Trailer Love: Les Miserables

Yay guys! I'm done with my exam. Now its time to pray because it was "that" kind of exam. Anyway, I'm still sleeping off the fatigue (7 hrs exam anyone?) , so this is post is not a well researched shopping post.. It a much loved trailer review.

Do people do trailer reviews?? I don't know but I'm going to do one. I have been waiting for Anne Hathaway's oscar as long as she has been waiting for it and this might be THE ONE.  I have never read the book Les Miserables because I identify with tragedies and convince myself that my life is going t go the same way. *shudders at the memory of Revolutionary Road*. So this trailer is very new to me and the desperation and challenges are so compelling. Anne's face when hair is sheared off and that fresh, beautiful look under her cape. So innocent and so beautiful. She is Fantine, a prostitute? Man, this movie is going to awesome.

 If I had to nitpick... I would have liked her voice a little more broken over this song.. Her soaring strong voice seems the opposite of the movie. But I guess thats what they are going for? Her strength despite her calamities? Bravo! What do you guys think of this trailer? ANd more importantly, what do you guys think of this "Trailer Love"? Would you like to see more trailer reviews once in a while? Have a great weekend everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Jul 3, 2012

No Shades of Grey!

A really really quick post JUST to participate in the In-Fb Black and White remix.