Jun 20, 2012

Your Turn!

What would you like your last meal on earth to be? And because its so hard to pick one, you get to pick 2 - one spicy and one sweet.

Mine -
Spicy - Butter Roasted Potatoes with herbs with a really cheesy burrito bowl (like in Chipotle)
Sweet - Skipping it in favour of Tomato Rasam.

LOL.. I broke my own rules... so feel free to do so too!

To those who are new here - Your Turn is the section where I ask you guys a food, fashion or beauty related question and I'm very eagerly waiting for your answers. As like before, the more, the merrier.. so get your friends to reply here too!

Thanks for reading and answering!


You can read and answer the previous ones here.

Tell me a common trend that you see but wouldn't be caught dead in and tell me why!

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