Jun 5, 2012

Summer trend: Tangerine!

I have been harping on about Tangerine for quite some time. So I finally decided to take the plunge and buy something. And if I'm buying something, you can be sure I will include you in the process. Here are some of the best accessories that I found online. (Its with in the $100 a month budget too!)

It is hard, keeping up with so many trends but fun too. I have already invested heavily in pastel and neon this season. So more clothes in bright hues was not a great option. Hence the idea of accessories. These look really great with nude and pastel pieces. And if you are a little daring, a white tee, mint jeans and coral or tangerine accessories look so fantastic.
Which one of these would you buy? Click on the links to shop them. Which one of these would you vote for me? The satchel from Steven Madden is so versatile. Shoes with a pop of tangerine are just so delicious looking. The bead necklace with orange and blue is such a statement piece. 
I'm leaning towards the orange tile statement necklace but I'm willing to be convinced!

Update: In-FB is hosting a superb tangerine party! Check it out for inspiration!

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