Jun 14, 2012

Reader Interview Series!

Hi guys... I can't believe how much I miss blogging though I'm just one day late. I was all ready to post about an exciting new purchase but it didn't reach me. Its been sitting in the post office for two days. I don't know whats wrong. So that post is on the backburner now.

Anyway, I came up with this new "Reader Interview Series". I have always wanted to interview my readers, so instead of picking one reader and publishing it one time, I thought, we can have fun discussing all our answers in one post. It goes like this - every week, I ask you one fashion, food or beauty related question and you tell me your honest answer. These are some questions that we are gonna have a lot of fun discussing, so dont be shy.. And don't forget to comment.

So today question:

Tell me a common trend that you see but wouldn't be caught dead in and tell me why!

My answer -

 Velour suits. Never ever. Cos no one.. Not even VS models look good in them!

So excited to hear your answers. I'm hoping for great participation. So after you answer, drag in your friends too. Thank you!

P.S my first post without a shopping link :)

P.P.S my first post from my iPad which explains ps 1. So sorry :(

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